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Fine Jewelry Handmade

Discover Jewelry Handmade, a unique jewelry design of understated elegance and simplicity!

In handmade jewelry, it takes inner certainty and a long training to be good at it. To say it strait, it is classic artisan jewelry quality at its best, you see. This jewelry design calls for a lot of patience in the making. On top, a sharp eye, and a good hand-eye coordination formed this unique jewelry one piece at a time. More about it, see Artisan Jeweller

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Nature Jewelry Designs Handmade by Martinus
Nature Jewelry – See where dew kissed a leaf or a twirl holds a twine

Diamond Rings - Jewelry Designs Handmade by Martinus
Diamond Rings – Temptation diamonds – When life is good, every day is passion

Wedding Rings in 3 gold colours - Jewelry Design by Martinus
Wedding Rings – Reasons of the heart – We melt, to meld your world with joy

Gemstone Rings Gold or Platinum - Fine Jewelry by Martinus
Gemstone Rings – When ancient colours strike a bell in our soul

Shepherd Hook Earrings in Gold or Platinum, Gems and Pearls - Martinus
Shepherd Hooks – The secrets of eye colour and other revelations

Hoop Earrings click-in secure Jewelry Designs by Martinus
Hoops that click like friends for life – See Martinus Infinity Hoops

Earstud Earrings in gold with diamonds pearls and Tourmaline by Martinus
Ear Studs – Never loose an earring again

Pendants and Necklaces in Gold, Pearls, gems and diamonds - Martinus
Pendants & Necklaces – Explore your senses; find pleasure for the eye, wear comfort on your skin

A new Jewelry to who you are

On top of the world! Would you say? “My rings are my love, my necklaces my strength, my earrings my fun. I like who I am.” Clear, Martinus new jewelry designs are true Canadian, often custom work to who you are. In our studio we produce jewelry handmade of three gold colours. We love the glowing sheen of matted yellow gold in our jewelry design. We embellish the elusiveness of rose gold and the crisp polish in our high karat white golds.

The Materials

In our Canadian jewelry work we also design jewelry of silver and platinum, – and we melt for you. We cherish fine gemstones. That’s where we find our connection to the ancient secrets of how our brilliant earth came to be. It reminds us how natural colours go right from the eye into our feelings. Too, gemstones, the same as pearls warm up naturally with our skin. There is nothing so sensual, if you wish to compare.

It is this trouble free comfort in every day life, we like! Find yourself stand out and above, effortless, timeless, simple. Thank you for considering Martinus’ handmade jewelry!