Peter and Katie Canadian Diamonds white gold at Martinus Jewelry Reviews 2015

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See, what understated elegance and simplicity meant to my customers! Let’s not forget, it is the comfort in every day life that makes a difference. All here to find out!

– Martinus’ Credentials – German trained Master Artisan Goldsmith. – Accredited Jewelry Designer. – 3rd prize International Diamonds Award 1977. – Honoured in the Germans Jewelers Award 1979. – 2nd prize – German Silver Goblet Award 1982. – 2nd prize – Deutz und Geldermann Graphics Award 1987. – Patent registered on a Jewelry Clasp, Germany1996. – Honoured in the Canadian Buyer’s Choice Award 2003 

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Barnacle Grace Diamond Pendant Handmade MartinusSheila R.

Dear Martin, I received my necklace today. It is simply stunning. I can appreciate the careful work to make it move so easily on the chain. And your clasp design is brilliant! Thanks again for this work of art.

Sheila R. Calgary, March 12, 2022

White Gold Hoops with Aquamarine handmade MartinusSara J. 

Cirrus Sky,  White Gold Hoop Earrings

I love my aquamarines, I’ve never seen anything similar, anywhere!

Sara J. Victoria June 3, 2022 

Martinus Reviews - Star Dance Hoop Earrings white gold 18k diamondsTamara B.

I was overjoyed to receive my earrings that Georges bought on the occasion of my daughter’s  wedding. (2017) – I am beyond happy to receive my white gold hoops today. Your work is so beautiful Martin!

Tamara B. Victoria Feb. 27. 2022

Noah H - Wedding Gift. Martinus Jewelry Reviews 2022Noah H.

The Lily Blossoms ring worked out perfect, she really loves it and the size seams just right!

Noah H. Salt Spring Jan. 13, 22

Nikki M at Martinus Jewelry ReviewsNikki M.

I just got the earrings and love them. You are such an amazing jeweler!!

thank you,
Nikki Nov. 19, 21

Boe's new ring white gold & diamond @ Martinus Jewelry Reviews 2021Boe B.

I love my ring – the simplicity and classic/contemporary elegance…just love it (all the jewelry from you)!

Salt Spring November 2021

John H. Appreciation at Martinus ReviewsJohn H.

Dear Martin,
I thought you should know what a tremendous success those emerald earrings have been.

Jen loves them and rarely wears any others, even of yours. She bought clothes to match. I get credit, of course, but you did it. Simply splendid.

John H. Victoria August 2021

Dahlia and Rafi necklace for grand daughter - Jewelry Reviews Martinus 2021Dahlia & Rafi

Hello Martin, Read the text you attached to the necklace. What a beautiful addition to the Prince and Frog, one that our grand-daughter will surely enjoy.

Funny how it took a detour to SSI to find the just-right piece of jewelry. Thank you very much for the splendid necklace and for helping us with our search.

Have a sunny weekend,

                                                                                  Dahlia & Rafi Victoria, June 2021


Dear Martin, thank you so much for the update and Birthday wishes! I am very excited with the photo you sent of the top of my barnacles and the mold for my leaves. just exquisite and beautiful work, as always from you. Thank you so much.

August 2019

Dear Martin. My beautiful bracelets and Chris’s gorgeous necklace arrived safely this afternoon. Thank you so much. Your workmanship it is exquisite, the design so beautiful, and I love the substantial feeling on my arm. They are just beautiful; thank you so very much. Best regards and hug

~ Pamela B. – Santa Barbara, October 2019


Hello Martin, I received my owl ring and it is PERFECT! I look forward to doing future business with you… I am ABSOLUTELY thrilled with the owl pendant and ring. Enjoy your well deserved holiday, to be sure. Regards

~ Zuzka H. – Oakville, October 2019


Hi Martin: my ring came yesterday and it is even more beautiful than I imagined! Thank you for creating this masterpiece for me!

Just admiring it again!

~ Sheila R. – Calgary, October 2019


Hi Martin, I am actually wearing your necklace today. I’ve been wearing it and looking at it a lot. It is a thing of beauty.

~ Leanne B. – Ottawa, July 2019

Anna S.

Martin has designed several rings for me over the past 9 +/- years. Every time be has asked the right questions and listened to what I wanted and they have been amazing. He puts all his effort, care, expertise and thought into each design. I have yet to find anyone that has any more passion, creativity, skill and artistic ability. His craftsmanship shows in every stunning masterpiece he creates. Not everyone is going to love ever design but you will not be able to fault in the beauty and craftsmanship in each finished hand crafted piece. Always a pleasure visiting your store on lovely Salt Spring Island. Thank you and thank you again for my beautiful rings. ~ Anna S.

Hi Martin, They arrived safe and I love them. So beautiful and expertly crafted. Pic attached. I will be wearing the barnacles as you see it and the other on my thumb. That is how they fit me.

“Barnacle Strata”
So very very beautiful. Great work Martin. You are such a talented artist. ~ Anna S. – July 2019

“Talk To Me”
Well that was certainly worth the wait. What can I say but just wow. It is amazing. ~ Anna S. –  July 2019

Carrie S.

Hi Martin, We received the ring this afternoon, and it is absolutely beautiful.
Thank you so much for the care and attention that you put into crafting our ring. It fits beautifully & is even more amazing than I could’ve imagined.
I attached a photo that we shared on Facebook. Do you have a Facebook page or Instagram account? Thank you so much!

~ Carrie S. – Victoria BC, February 2018


Dear Martinus, The ring arrived Saturday and I am absolutely delighted with it! The shape and size of the garnet, the colour, and the how it is set in the gold—everything is beautiful. Thank-you so much! Yours,

~ Connie – Vancouver, Summer 2018

Gail and Mark

Hi Martinus, It came!! The ring is simply beautiful, Martin. We can’t thank you enough for hanging in there with the “remodel”. Your work is exquisite – such fine craftsmanship and beauty. The ingenious clasp works very well and the fit is perfect!

Our 52nd anniversary is coming in a couple of weeks so I’ll be wearing it : D !! The stone is still so full of light and such a lovely shade of green. We are both delighted. I have a feeling you spent way more time than is reflected in the statement … So glad we found you!

PS. I forgot to tell you that it’s totally fine to use any words I wrote. We are honored to be your fans!

All the best to you and may you and your business continue to thrive and prosper.
With great appreciation,

~ Gail and Mark – July 2018


Dear Martin, thank you again for transforming my pieces into bespoke heirloom treasures. Your artistry and craftsmanship is brilliant.

~ Patricia R. – October 2018


Hello! I was visiting Salt Spring Island with my mother two years ago, and we chose one of your sterling silver leaf rings as a graduation present. I have worn it every singe day since then and I just wanted to write and say how beautiful it still is now that it has been polished to a smooth silver by constant wear. I love wearing it and wanted to say thank you for making something so beautiful. ~ Amy – 2016 & 2018

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Hi Martin – I just want to thank you and let you know that I am so delighted with my beautiful ‘moon circle’ ring. It was also such a pleasure to meet you and your very kind apprentices or staff. Please let us know when Charles’ ring is ready, as we may plan another trip to Salt Spring Island in July 2017- Best regards, Melissa


Hi Martin, It is absolutely beautiful. More beautiful than I remember. Thank you for getting the ring to me today. The pickup was so easy. Happy thanksgiving. Next time I am on Salt Spring I will be sure to visit.

~ Heidi – 2017

Paul and Sheryl

They are spectacular. We both thank you so much. You are a gifted artist and we will treasure the rings forever. We fly to Boston Sunday and have a special evening planned on Monday when we’ll give each other the rings. Thanks again, Paul and Sheryl 2017

Have now worn rings for two weeks and cannot convey how thrilled we are with the rings. Thx again

~ Paul and Sheryl – 2017


Hi Martin, Wanted to touch base with you. Our little ceremony on the pier in Hanalei Bay, Kauai went perfectly yesterday and it seems like the planets continue to align for us……

  • our chosen rings fit perfectly from the first time we tried them on
  • the friends with us suspected nothing of our surprise ceremony until we pulled out the ring box  Peter 2016
  • our little ceremony was magical
  • following the ceremony there was a solar halo around the sun

Thank-you for sharing your talents and craftsmanship with us. Best Regards,

~ Peter and Betty – Salt Spring Island BC, 2016

Fiona J.

The ring arrived Monday, it is beautiful and fits perfectly. She is thrilled with it and so am I! Thanks again!

~ Fiona J. – Manitoba, July 2016

Calvin and Marney

Good morning Martin, Calvin and Marney here. Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate everything you did for us !! We LOVE our rings !!
They are both so unique, no one else will have anything like this ! I feel very special and am elated every time I look at mine lol.
We are sooo glad we came into your store and look forward to creating more jewelry with you in the future !! Perhaps in a years time we can start putting together a pretty pink diamond band to go with mine lol.. For now, I’ll let Calvin replenish his bank account to prepare for the next one lol.

Thanks again, I am soooo happy 🙂

~ Marney – Victoria BC, 2015

Arda L.

I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that I received the earrings and they are beautiful. I wear them all the time!! Love your jewellery! So talented

~ Arda L. – Courtney, 2015

Peter and Katie

Hi Martin .. Katie and I went away for our anniversary to Vancouver this weekend and I semi-surprised her with the ring on Friday night.

She was absolutely blown away and said it is everything she had dreamed of and more – she said she is in love with every detail and there’s nothing she would change.

Several people have seen it now and their eyes widen and everyone says a genuine huge “wow”!

And the ring is more than just a substance because we also know the maestro who made it and therefore it also has a story – thank you hugely Martin for your skill and your brilliance – we could not be happier with what you have created.

We will come and show the ring to you in situ when we are next in Salt Spring. Meanwhile there’s a photo attached.

Heartfelt thanks again Martin,

~ Peter – Victoria, 2015

Royden L.

It’s Gorgeous Martin! Thank you so much for helping me make this birthday really special for my wife. She’s going to love this ring. I’ve literally waited years to be in the right financial position and timing to upgrade her ring finger. Hope you have a great 2015. Blessings -Royden

                                                                               ~ Royden L. – Seattle, 2014


Dear Martin, Just a quick note to wish you a happy and successful 2015. The beautiful pendant that you created for Aislinn was a hit — with her, with all of our party guests, and with everyone who’s seen it since then. Thank you so much for your outstanding work on it. It really is the kind of piece that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. All the best,

~ Jeremy – Victoria, 2014

Anne Peters

Hello Martin, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful ring you created for our anniversary. It is beautiful. I wear it every day which reminds me of our consultation with you, the island and our 50 years of marriage.

~ Anne Peters – 2014

Laureen Sadler

hi martin .. I received the ring last night when my husband came home from work, it is beautiful! I am so pleased I finally have a ring that I like, and it makes the diamond look larger, my daughter was impressed. I will enjoy wearing it for the rest of my life, thanks to you and your team. take care and when I’m on saltspring, I’ll drop by and see what’s new. cheers

~ Laureen Sadler – 2014

Eleanor B.

Ring Stolen 2014!

Dear Martinus, If only there were jewelry designers in New York as good as you, then I would find a new ring here. But unfortunately, there are none, and you are the best.

Of course I completely understand that it would be absurd to ship back and forth, realizing this after I sent my last email! However, a trip to Salt Spring Island next summer is a possibility and I will work on it.

All the best, and thank you kindly for your thoughtful reply. Hoping to see you again soon,

~ Eleanor B. – New York, 2014


Pamela B.H.

I brought my lifetime of jewelry that I no longer wear to Martinus to fashion into something that would incorporate the memories represented by the jewelry into something meaningful and fabulous. Martinus made the design experience so positive and collaborative, the process itself became a very special part of my new pieces. And my new pieces are fabulous..beautiful and meaningful to me. The entire experience was a joy. Thank you.

~ Pamela B.H. – Santa Barbara, 2013

Tik and Sinead

Hi, Thank you again so much!! The wedding was awesome, the best day of my life!! All of you at Martinus have been great!!! The rings are amazing and the process was so special as well; they are beyond art. Ill try to find some photos where you can see the rings better. Love

~ Tik and Sinead – Branchburg NJ, September 2013

Carole M.

Dear Martin .. Thank you so very much for the beautiful ring and the pearl pendants. The ring is now a permanent fixture on my hand! I absolutely love it – it reminds me of Salt Spring and the wonderful people there – so it is very special to me. I can’t thank you enough for this gift and for your kindness and careful attention in the making of it! Sincerely,

~ Carole M. – Ontario, April 2012 

Gail & Mark P.

We have such warm memories of our trip. One funny story I remember – you were showing me a fabulous pearl and gold intricate necklace you designed.  You put it on me so I could be tempted I suppose. Then we went on to discuss the rings and when we were back in our car, leaving your driveway, I suddenly remembered I was wearing the necklace – ha!
I think you realized it at the same time because we met on your front step.  Funny and sweet!

~ Gail & Mark P. – Montpelier Vermont, September 2006

Richard Charles Mc L.

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for the two beautiful rings I picked up last week, and for your assistance in making the third for me. The rings look fantastic which is no surprise given your talent and gift for superb craftsmanship.

~ Richard Charles Mc L. – Austin Tx, July 2006

Suzan & Charles

Dear Martin, Thank you so much for Charlie’s beautiful ring! It really is a wonderful piece of art. You are a very talented artist! We wish you lots’ of good health and happiness in your life. When I look at the ring, I’ll think of that gorgeous island you live on with all the friendly people! Thanks again.

~ Suzan & Charles – San Carlos Ca, September 2005

Jeweler Martinus’ Life and Love Story

Almost ready to go home, it was at the end of a gorgeous late summer day when John who I knew as a friendly volunteer in the Tourist Info Center came into my studio. A man unassuming yet tall and beautifully built. He came in and suggested a jewelry piece for his wife, who he described as the most wonderful person in the world and he needed something very special. “She likes Roses, she likes Garnets, she likes it big. And can you write something on it?” What do we have to say? I questioned. “I don’t know yet”. My heart still wrenches when I think about what he expressed. “You know I have not much time left, I have a terminal illness and it can get to me very soon.” I would have worked through the night for him, but he needed time to think on the inscription and he wanted me to use or trade in silver spoons he had. They were of an elegance and intricate beauty that I could NOT hold the torch to them. The ends curled in, like the frames of the stain glasswork of cathedrals squaring like Notre Dame Paris. When he came back he had scribbled on a tiny piece of paper “All eternity can’t hold the happiness you gave me.”