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Artisan Jeweller Martinus - Nature rings

Artisan Jeweller & Canadian Designers by German trained Master Goldsmith Martinus

As an Artisan Jeweller, I need to be connected on every level and with every detail in the creative process. Whether I am drawing or shaping precious metals, both are a pleasure for my mind. In my artisan jewelry studio I have developed a business that is of great pleasure to me. See how my jewelry resonates with the curl of a wave, the twist of a leaf and the colours of a spring day. Shape is a feeling to me and this is why it has felt right to be here in Canada.

Gemstone check under the microscope Martinus Location

Apprenticing as an Artisan Jeweller

At 15 years of age I was very serious about what I wanted in life. I found myself sitting between three jewelers and two Master Goldsmiths. One Master was Dieter and the other was Elsie. Each of them thirty and forty years older than I was. Dieter was kind and employed. He was outstanding in technical matters and guided me into my life’s work. Elsie was the boss, running the place like an army general. She timed even the breaks to the minute. Fun was only her fun! Those were the toughest three years of my life.

A New Artisan Jewelry Designer

Exhausted, after good exams, I could call myself a Journeyman Goldsmith (Goldschmiede Geselle). At that point I needed one more year to finish my high school, which ended with good results. Then, I worked three years as a journeymen jeweller. That was the prerequisite for the Artisan Masters Training. Despite early doubts, at age 21, I started to see artisan jewelry as an art form. With my new confidence I also began testing my talent. Soon, winning my first international recognized awards. Then,- four more national and international awards were to follow.

Artisan Jeweller’s – Designer Studies

Then came the most wonderful time in design college “Staatliche Zeichen Akademie Hanau”. here I studied – fine jewelry technique, history and art styles. I took it all in; the art that I could see in Paris, Prague, Strasbourg, Florence laid out to me by my professors. Here are my long time favourite sites.

Musee d’ Cluny Paris, medieval art and Tapestry. Within massive walls, it feels cool to the skin when you enter another world and time.
Musee d’ Orsay Paris, a former train station became a museum for turn of the century art and crafts.

Master Artisan Jeweller

Finally at age 24, I was an Artisan Master Jeweller myself. In German terms a Master Goldsmith. At the same time I also accomplished my Jewellers College Design Degree and started my own German studio the same year. But as an artist who always looks for inspiration, no place in the world ever appealed to me more than Canada. The combination of nature and the peace to enjoy what I do the best.

Martin Ebbers 2022

Martinus- the life of a jeweller

How Martin Ebbers became Martinus

From early times, my aunt Irene would call me Martinus. She had a deep appreciation for her favourite saint, San Martino. He was believed to have shared his coat with a beggar. Fond early childhood memories re-awakened in me when I named my business in Canada. – That’s why I called it Martinus.

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