Education and Certification

1971 – 1974 Apprenticeship: Goldschmiede Hornung
Bremerhaven / Germany
1974 Degree in Goldsmithing
Bremen / Germany
1975 High School Degree
Bremen / Germany
1976 – 1978 Professional Studio Practice as a certified Jeweller
Osnabrück / Germany
1978 – 1980 Design and Guild-related studies at Staatliche Zeichenakademie
Hanau / Germany
1980 Master Goldsmith Degree & Grand Training Certificate; Master Goldsmith Commission
Wiesbaden / Germany
1980 Designer Degree; Academy of Goldsmith Arts; Staatliche Zeichenakademie
Hanau – Germany

Awards, Prizes, Patents

1977 3rd Prize “International Diamonds Today Award”
Munich / Germany
1979 Award for Excellence – International Jewelry & Gemstone Award
Idar–Oberstein / Germany
1982 2nd Prize – Society of Gold and Silversmiths Award
Hanau / Germany
1995 Established first Patent for a Clasp Mechanism; German Patent Commission
1987 2nd Prize – Deutz & Geldermann Graphics Award
Breisach / Germany
1998 Established second Patent (Gebrauchsmuster) for an innovative addition to the first patent
German Patent Commission
2003 Award for Excellence
Canadian Jewellers Choice Award

Work Experience

1971 – 2010 Primarily Goldsmithing and fine Jewelry design/making in Germany & Canada
1977 – 1994 Jewelry designer/participant in award winning touring exhibitions; London; Paris; Tokyo; New York & Group Shows: Stoa–Galeria Helsinki and major cities in Germany
1980 to present Self-employed specialization in original jewelry design in Gold; Palladium; Platinum; and Gemstones
1980 – 1996 Self-employed Artist with gallery in partnership at Schroeder-Ebbers
Bersenbrueck / Germany
1996 – 1998 Designer; Production Manager for "Emil Kraus International Men’s Jewelry"
Pforzheim / Germany
1994 – 2001 Producer and Developer of Martinus Clasp and Bead Collection
1998 – 2001 Freelance technical advisor to Colleen B. Rosenblat "Rosenblat International Jewelry Designs"
Hamburg / Germany
2001 – 2004 Freelance jewelry designer for Vancouver and Victoria basedjewelers
2004 Move to Salt Spring Island
founding the Martinus Studio for fine jewelry making
2004 to present Apprentice Training and Weekend Seminars for professional jewelers & students along with the design and production of fine jewelry


2009 Shaw TV: "British Columbia Cultural Crawl" a 4 min. video introduction & presentation of Martinus Studio Gallery
2009 Gulf Islands "Aqua Magazine"
feature article on Martinus Studio’s style and concepts
2012 Article on Martinus Jewelry Training “ Boulevard Magazine “ Victoria
2012 Martinus published a technical article in "Metalsmith Magazine Online“ titled: “Firescale the Chameleon Effect on Sterling Silver“


Work in Organizations

1980 – 1992 Coordinator for annual exhibitions at Schroeder-Ebbers Gallery; paintings; sculptures; ceramics; and jewelry of established artists from Germany; France; Italy; and Russia
1986 – 1992 Exhibition Coordinator & Vice Chair for the Arts and Craft Association in Osnabrück / Germany
2006 – 2008 Steering Committee member of Salt Spring Island Studio Tour
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