Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Cleaning Jewelry

Everyone loves radiant, sparkling gemstones! Jewelry care is about dirt, dust, soaps and sweat, which are the common unwanted sources of build-up on your jewelry.

If you wish to remove these dulling effects from your adornments, here comes your jewelry care master advice: Place your ring or piece in a small pot with 1 Tbsp. of powdered laundry detergent and 2 cups of water. While heating up on the stove the foam will do the work for you. *IMPORTANT: Let everything cool down before rinsing with cool water! – This should remove any debris or film on your precious metal and gemstones; diamonds, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, aquamarines, citrines.

Jewelry Care with CAUTION: Emeralds and Opals are very sensitive to heat and detergents and should not be cleaned in this manner. Our jewelry care advice on Coral, Pearls, and other natural materials like Ivory and Amber: Be cautious these natural materials must be cleaned with a fine brush, warm water and dish soap. Gold, Silver and Platinum around these sensitive materials can be polished with a special cloth.

For impeccable results, (with a basic fee $10), we will polish your piece in our polisher and create brilliant sparkle with our ultrasonic machine.

Pearls and jewelry care, how keep natur's beauties lusterus
Pearls ~ Gifts from Nature

Isn’t it mysterious and fascinating, these all natural beauties are bestowed upon us by the oyster and evolve under water, layer over layer, year after year…sometimes for decades.

Pearls Jewelry Care & Wisdom

Wear your pearls ~ their perfection is enhanced by the oils from your skin.

Here is our last jewelry care tip: Avoid getting make-up and perfume on these natural beauties or wearing them in hot baths, showers, hot tubs and saunas. Alcohol in many products will dull the lustre of your pearls, while dampness and temperature changes create strain on their mineral structure. Both alcohol and moisture weaken the strength of the silk cord.

Hold the end caps to open and close the clasp. This prevents stretching or breaking the silk cord.

Finally, if worn daily we recommend having your pearl silk checked for wear once a year. If worn less frequently, come in every second year. We will gladly check your silk at no extra cost.

Enjoy your pearls!

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