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FAQ’s & Guidelines

It’s important to us that our handmade jewelry is available to you. Please don’t hesitate to check in with us through inquiry button at the bottom of our pages! You may choose our Contact page, or inquire through our email, linked below. Our studio is open to the public and selling can happen fast. In this case we will have to get our saws, files and little hammers going to make it all work for you.

Production Times

We are considering every detail in a complex process of making your jewelry one-of-a-kind for you. We will let you know how we can work with your special requirements and commit to our fastest possible production time. If you have recyclable precious metals or a gemstone, please read our sections Recycling Precious Metals or Resetting.

Commissioned Work

We require down payments as a commitment. In return, we guarantee our commitment that you will have your jewelry made to the highest standards and on time. It happens rarely, but after 90 days past completion, down payments are lost.

Safe Shipping

Martinus offers shipping within Canada and Internationally for more than 15 years. Canada’s Xpress Post, Priority Mail, or FedEx National and International are very safe choices. FedEx also handles the delivery and functions as a Customs Broker on our behalf. Over all these years they have proven to be totally reliable and on time.

Depending on your place of residence in the world, procedures vary significantly.

Please check in with us here


Payments can be made by Visa, Master Card, PayPal or e-transfer via Email.
We also except Canadian cheques, U.S. checks (with current exchange rates) and, of course, cash payments.


Insurers often require appraisals to evaluate their risks. Martinus appraisals handle this with images of your jewelry and a detailed description. Costs depend on time and effort spent, but average $90.00 per item.

Old to New Evaluations

For a consultation fee of $25, Martinus offers initial evaluations and expert advice for redesigns. His expertise will help you understand and appreciate your diamonds, gemstones and metals. Your gold will be weighed and the gold qualities determined. 10 karat up to 22 karat gold can be tested or platinum detected.

Recycling Precious Metals

Jewelry, that is clearly suitable, can be melted at our premises. Gold qualities in 14K or 18K of the same colour, (yellow, rose, or sometimes even white gold) are usable. Gold alloys of 10K are unreliable in the remelting. We can also offer to upgrade the karat quality, if desired. (ie:14K to 18K) Hourly rates apply. Minimum fee $60.00.

Depending on the complexity of your material mix, this may require a very involved process to separate gold, silver and platinum by a precious metal refinery. Varying gold colours, karat qualities, as well as, yellow and white gold combinations in your pieces will make this necessary to regain workable materials. This service will cost 18% (melting costs, separation costs, loss in the melting, insurance, shipping and handling) of the value of your materials to be deducted from the weight or as added payment.

Stone Removal

For this service we charge according to the specifics of your individual pieces (average cost: $9 per stone). It takes time to be careful with the removal of your stones and can still be a risky procedure. We take extreme care to protect your gems against breakage but cannot take responsibility for these rare and unexpected events.


Many Old stones can have a new life! Different stones have different properties, while diamonds are strong by nature, emeralds can be sensitive. Even with our greatest care and attention, resetting them is not without risk. We have been unable to find reputable insurance to cover this risk for both of us. Please be advised that we are extremely careful with your gems, but in the unlikely event of stone breakage, we cannot take responsibility for the replacement cost of stones we did not provide.


We are happy to answer any additional questions!
Please see our quick, easy to use Contact page, email Martinus, or call 1.250.538.1730