A Jewelry Designer and a New World 2021

After 16 years; always jewelry, always Salt Spring Island and always full on, I needed a change!

Pace and Freedom!
All the reasons I went into business are still the things I enjoy most. Using my creativity for a good life is a pleasure. The personal connections and the success are something I am grateful for.

While orders were pouring in 2019, producing fine jewelry on Salt Spring Island became an art in itself! It was then, I decided to make a change to a simpler life.

In the first two months of 2020 I moved my workshop into my house in Port Alberni. This effectively sized my Salt Spring Island workshop down from three of us in 2019 to only myself. That was luck at the time and I surely was glad afterwards, not knowing then, how a virus could change the world!

Let’s Meet
As planned, my showroom on Salt Spring remains in place for you. There I line up appointments twice a month to show my designs and take in orders or deliver work. Jewelry design and the making of it is still my passion and I am stunningly pleased that so many of you want me to keep going.

Book a time, bring your mask
Wednesday afternoons, twice a month, have become a pattern that seems to work for most. Call me for other arrangements and I will make it work for you.

Please phone 250 538 1730
See my contact page or,
choose a piece in my collection, delivered within a week!

Please consider that new orders on custom work may take up to a month for completion. Every piece is a “Master” piece from beginning to end!

I thank you all for your trust and appreciation!

–Martin Ebbers–