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A Jewelry Designer and his World

As a jewelry designer I am fascinated with the little things in nature – see the designs here. I found that jewelry really relates to this scale of beauty. It is one of the oldest art forms worn on our bodies. Jewelry strikes a chord in our feelings and it has to be of good company in our outer being. My pieces are composed of precious materials to cherish the beauty of life and to enrich the wearer beyond pretentiousness.

Suddenly the Extraordinary Unfolds

I always was curious where ideas came from? Everything seems to come from a deeper level of universal potential. The elegance of a leaf’s contour, the incredible depth in the texture of tree bark or the pure sculptural shape of a rounded rock, those are the things that get to me deeply. – Who hasn’t picked up a beach stone for its perfection? Ancient in its silent beauty, it triggers our imagination. It seems to me that our inner being can sense crashing waves, a burning sun, endless rain, and the whistling winds of a million days, at peace again.

New Talents

At the Martinus Studio I love to share my experience and knowledge as a Goldsmith and Jewelry Designer with aspiring jewelers in exchange for their excitement and joy of expression.  Their fresh energy keeps me young at my own work.

Eye and Hand Coordination

To live to be artists as well as jewelers requires both mind and hands. To shape raw precious metals into adornments we must be diligent in our observations, clear in our conclusions and ultimately uncompromised in our decisions. In response to these mental notes we then have to rely on our body’s memory and sensitivity to bring it all together into our artists’ hands.


I need to be connected on every level and with every detail in the creative process, whether I am in the drawing phase, or shaping precious metals. Before everything is done to the highest quality, it needs more consideration than any art I know. Jewelry needs life to become alive and I enjoy the challenge to inspire that connection. When my pieces become one with the wearer, I feel joy and fascination for my work.

Jewelry Designer Martinus 1958-2015

How Martin Ebbers became Martinus

From early times my aunt Irene would call me Martinus in appreciation for her favourite saint, San Martino, who is believed to have shared his coat with a beggar. These fond early childhood memories re-awakened in me when I named my business in Canada, – now called the Martinus Studio.

Martin Ebbers

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