Shepherd Hooks

Shepherd Hooks

See Shepherd Hooks and discover the secrets of eye colour and other revelations

Shepherd Hook Earrings in rose gold with diamonds handmade by Martinus
Ruby's Tale Earrings
Shepherd hook earrings in yellow gold and drop shape pearls
Shepherd hook earrings in white gold with tourmaline and white drop shape pearls and
Shepherd hook earrings in yellow gold and white pearls
Shepherd hook earrings in yellow and white gold with diamonds
Shepherd hook earrings in yellow and white gold with diamonds by Martinus
Shepherd hook earrings in white gold with aquamarine drops and diamonds
Shepherd hook earrings with garnet in white gold
Shepherd hook earrings in yellow gold and peridot gems

Evening Primrose   $1,400
A new sense of colour and sophistication! Rose gold and cognac hues of Australian natural diamonds merge here in an understated elegance. Get your ears on them before others get their eyes on them! Diamonds 0.26ct coloured naturally, 18 karat rose gold.

Ruby’s Tale  $1,600
Every ruby has a story, so why not make this one yours to tell. Unique rectangular blood red stones in a straight and true setting are held to your ear with pure gold finales. Can you sense the beginning of a beautiful relationship! Rubies opaque, 18 karat gold finales and extra long ear hooks for security.

Shepherd Hook Earrings in yellow gold and rubies

Nocturno   $430
For serenades in the night or fun in the day -- graceful and expressive pleasures any time! Pear shape pearls & 18 karat yellow gold.

Renaissance   $480
Perfectly proportioned in its composition, creamy white pearls are topped off with a sandwich of white gold disks and tiny pink tourmalines. Extra long white gold ear hooks complete a classic design for security. Fine freshwater pearls & 18 karat white gold

Silk Trail   $660
This silk road is even more beautiful than the original! Luminous pearls are crowned with gold disks and toped with sweet seed pearls leading the trail to your ears. Earthly joy and opulence! Four pearls &18k yellow gold

Rain Drops   $1,160
Pure gold beads trickle from delicate stems. Precious rain drops glisten as they fall to capture the light of your eyes. Unique ear hooks for your comfort and delight. 2 Diamonds 0.04ct F/vs & 18 karat yellow on white gold stems

Rain Dance   $1,540
Nature gives us the golden rain tree with it's enchanting seed pods on delicate stems. A single diamond shines above it's precious shape to remind us of new life. Elegant curved ear hooks keep them connected to you! 2 Diamonds 0.16ct F/vs & 18 karat yellow and white gold

Blue Sky    $1,580
Brazilian hand cut aquamarine drops are suspended under small twinkling diamonds like the blue sky with a shining star above. Aquamarine drops 15.34ct. on 18 karat white gold, two diamonds 0.10ct.

Merlot   $1,300
Faceted in British Columbia! Sparkling merlot-colored garnets are tastefully bezel set in their delicate frames of 18 karat white gold. Style: sassy; lush; adventurous. Madagascar Garnet 2.35ct.

Open Window    $1,580
Open your window, and let a spring breeze take you for a ride. These rich textured surfaces will warm your heart with sunny 18karat gold and the joyful freshness of green peridot gems.

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Shepherd Hooks

Well chosen Shepherd Hooks truly complete a woman’s face! Shape, colour and size are individual yet essential to her well being. If your eye colour is considered and the earring’s style suits you well, they become your best friends. You keep your loved ones safe and – life is good. Look for hooks that bent down, – not backwards! A narrow spot along the Shepherd Hook can warn you with sensible resistance. As a designer I prefer to keep the hooks close to the ear that makes a woman serious. A little ball at the hooks end may be a design feature or a second warning sign to feel safe. We invented safe hinged keyhole latches. They are invisible when attached from behind. Explore why our shepherd hooks look beautiful, are beautiful and simply different!

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