Nature Jewelry

Nature Jewelry

See the nature jewelry where dew kissed a leaf or a twirl holds a twine

20 Stone Eternity Diamond Ring in 18k white gold | Martinus
Wedding Bands - of natural placer gold and recycled 14 karat by Martinus
crown of Laurel
Designed by Martinus
Diamond Rings - three Barnacles Rings by Martinus
Heavy white gold 18k Wedding Bands by Martinus
Tidal Sun3
Wedding Rings of wavy lines in 18k white gold by Martinus
diamond ring in 18 karat rose gold
Paradise Orchard
Diamond Rings - Pink Gold 18 karat eternity band by Martinus
Diamond Rings - Woman's ring in yellow gold 18k
Barnacles diamond ring 18 karat white gold
Diamond ring

White Barnacles     $4,120
Inspired by the sea, the sparkling abundance in this exclusive Matrinus design offers twenty exquisite diamonds along an eternity band. European craftsmanship in 18 karat white gold. Twenty diamonds, 1.04ct F/vvs.

Golden Linings
$1,210     Size 7
$1,490    Size 10.5
Every cloud has a golden lining in the vast Yukon sky! Capture the feeling in these richly woven bands of natural placer gold found on site in small scale mines in the lively hills of the far north west. Natural placer Yukon gold framed with 14 karat Recycled gold.

Crown of Laurel     $2,460
A continuum of delicate leaflets reflect and honor the truth in life’s deeper meanings. Seven fine diamonds sparkle like fresh dew drops between elegantly polished side bands and rounded, polished interior. Diamonds F/vs, 0.10ct. 18 karat yellow or white gold.

Twiggy     $690 each
The twigs and twines of nature are the inspiration for this unique ring design. Combining white diamonds with the matte surfaces of rose, white or yellow 18 karat gold. Worn together or individually. Diamonds, 0.06ct.

Seven Seas Barnacles     From $1,840 to $2,220
The playful elegance of seven fine diamonds in natural colours are harmonized with bright, gold tones in Martinus West Coast style rings. Designed with a comfort fit band, inspired by the shimmering seas. Individual rings available in white, yellow or rose gold.

Tidal Moon
$2,290    Size 7
$2,590   Size 10.5
Once in a blue moon someone like you comes along. Each of us might not be more than a drop in the ocean, but two drops can change it’s composition. Martinus’ double wave for the two of you. 18 karat white gold solid for a lifetime.

Wreath of Truth
$260     Size 7
$280     Size 10.5
Classical. Natural silver leaflets are redefined as Martinus honours true commitments and life’s deeper meanings. Polished side bands compliment a highly detailed, surface leaf pattern. Elite Silver, tarnish-free. Also available in 18 karat white gold: $1,080/$1,280.

Tidal Sun
$2,290     Size 7
$2,590     Size 10.5
Expressions of joy on a sunny day at the beach. Warm, textured surfaces and highly polished lines combine in a gentle double wave. A solid pair where all shapes are caringly crafted to suit your hands for life. 18 karat yellow gold.

$950 each
Like refreshing summer waves, gentle contours of gold flow around your finger. Glistening warm matte tones on the outside highly polished inside. Delightful elegance. Available in yellow, rose, or white 18 karat gold.

Ocean Moon
$1,260     Size 7
$1,450     Size 10.5
Inspired by a nighttime wave, gently lifting you up and tenderly moving you along. Satin, brushed textures flow with tender lines, complementing the ring's polished interiors. Shapes and surfaces come together like joy and sincerity. In 18 karat white gold.

Wreath of Glory
$1,790     Size 10.5
$1,520     Size 7
Sophisticated. Golden, delicate leaflets are redefined, as Martinus honors truth and life’s deeper meanings. Polished rose gold side bands compliment a highly detailed, golden surface pattern. 18 karat rose gold colour enhanced. Also available in 18 karat yellow gold.

Barnacle Cove     $3,380
A colony of diamonds takes center stage on your hand. Martinus’ design enlivens varying sizes of fine rosy natural diamonds within low settings to snuggle on your finger. A comfortably rounded ring band in polished rose gold finishes off a new masterpiece in Martinus’ jewelry fabrication. 18 karat rose gold. Natural peach champagne diamonds, 0.64ct.

Paradise Orchard
Is it the silver's pristine white light? Could the golden lusciousness be the apple of your eye? Or is the blush of Eden going to steal your heart away! A fresh picked diamond twinkles from the stem. Silver $380;  Yellow gold $1,580;   White gold $1,380;  Rose gold, $1,530

Royal Barnacles     $4,990
In a hue of peach champagne, sixteen brilliant cut diamonds of varying weights give shape to your finger. With more than one and a half carat stone weight, the natural colour of its diamonds together with the polished rose gold, blend so perfectly in this ring. Enjoy authentic craftsmanship and this milestone from the family of Martinus’ signature Barnacles designs. 18 karat rose gold, 16 peach champagne diamonds 1.57ct.

Barnacle Friends     $3,910
A jeweler’s impressionist view on nature. Seven naturally yellow diamonds of varying sizes have found their rock solid setting. Martinus’ new design in hammer textured yellow gold is composed for absolute simplicity and comfort. Yellow gold, natural light yellow diamonds, Si 0.80ct.

Barnacle Grace     $4,240
Shining abundance like grace in time, Martinus’ new design in polished white gold is composed of seven varying diamond sizes. The fine line of quality gems is set in absolute simplicity on a ring of gentle shapes to comfort and to last forever. 18 karat white gold diamonds F/vs 0.74 ct.

Acanthus    $2,450
Martinus' continuum of delicate leaflets honours nature in its finer dimensions. The polished white gold side bands compliment this detailed surface pattern, while seven fine diamonds at random distances sparkle like dew drops in the morning.Enjoy this comfort fit band of solid 18 karat white gold, 7 diamonds together 0.10ct F/vs.

Summer Wave
$1,260    Size 7
$1,450    Size 10.5
Sand is hot, summer is here. Touching hands and a jump and a splash takes you into the sea. The bright, warmly textured surfaces, as well as the elegant lines in this meaningful wedding pair speak of joy and belonging. 18 karat yellow gold, solid for life.

$1,350     Size 7
$1,980    Size 10.5
Reticulation is the name of this naturally textured, flame created surface of hills and valleys. Flowing like molten lava, undulating in its surface like Vesuvius Volcano itself. These rings are also available in Elite silver tarnish free $260 / $280

$1,350     Size 7
$1,980    Size 10.5
Reticulation is the name of this naturally textured, flame created surface of hills and valleys. Flowing like molten lava, undulating in its surface like Vesuvius Volcano itself. Lava is made in 18 karat yellow gold.

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Nature Jewelry
Does Nature Jewelry strike a chord in your feelings? Whether we believe in a Creator or not; we all know, it’s our future that needs taken care of. As a fine jewelry designer I am fascinated with the little things in nature. It’s the dimension of my work that draws me in. I surely would love to have more influence to protect life better; from Insects to Orca Whales. Instead I sit at my workbench and help everybody to see up close. See the playful look of barnacle clusters, the intriguing elegance of a leaf’s contour or the incredible depth of texture like tree bark. All of it makes me happy. Here is my work I hope it inspires you. -Martinus-

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