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Since 2004 on Salt Spring Island, we have designed more than 1,630 individually made pieces. Besides the five star rating for us on Google, to me my customers are the stars!



Dear Martin, thank you so much for the update and Birthday wishes! I am very excited with the photo you sent of the top of my barnacles and the mold for my leaves. just exquisite and beautiful work, as always from you. Thank you so much.

August 2019


Dear Martin. My beautiful bracelets and Chris’s gorgeous necklace arrived safely this afternoon. Thank you so much. Your workmanship it is exquisite, the design so beautiful, and I love the substantial feeling on my arm. They are just beautiful; thank you so very much.

Best regards and hug ~Pamela B. Santa Barbara ~ October 2019


Hello Martin, I received my owl ring and it is PERFECT!
I look forward to doing future business with you… I am
ABSOLUTELY thrilled with the owl pendant and ring.
Enjoy your well deserved holiday, to be sure.
Regards,~ Zuzka H. Oakville ~ October 2019


Hi Martin: my ring came yesterday and it is even more beautiful than I imagined! Thank you for creating this masterpiece for me!

Just admiring it again!

~Sheila R. Calgary ~ October 2019



Hi Martin, I am actually wearing your necklace today. I’ve been wearing it and looking at it a lot. It is a thing of beauty. ~ Leanne B. – Ottawa July 2019



Anna S.

Martin has designed several rings for me over the past 9 +/- years. Every time be has asked the right questions and listened to what I wanted and they have been amazing. He puts all his effort, care, expertise and thought into each design. I have yet to find anyone that has any more passion, creativity, skill and artistic ability. His craftsmanship shows in every stunning masterpiece he creates. Not everyone is going to love ever design but you will not be able to fault in the beauty and craftsmanship in each finished hand crafted piece. Always a pleasure visiting your store on lovely Salt Spring Island. Thank you and thank you again for my beautiful rings. ~ Anna S.

Hi Martin, They arrived safe and I love them. So beautiful and expertly crafted. Pic attached. I will be wearing the barnacles as you see it and the other on my thumb. That is how they fit me.


“Barnacle Strata”
So very very beautiful. Great work Martin. You are such a talented artist. ~ Anna S. – July 2019



“Talk To Me”
Well that was certainly worth the wait. What can I say but just wow. It is amazing. ~ Anna S. –  July 2019


Gail and Mark

Hi Martinus,

It came!! The ring is simply beautiful, Martin. We can’t thank you enough for hanging in there with the “remodel”. Your work is exquisite – such fine craftsmanship and beauty. The ingenious clasp works very well and the fit is perfect!

Our 52nd anniversary is coming in a couple of weeks so I’ll be wearing it : D !! The stone is still so full of light and such a lovely shade of green. We are both delighted. I have a feeling you spent way more time than is reflected in the statement … So glad we found you!

PS. I forgot to tell you that it’s totally fine to use any words I wrote. We are honored to be your fans!

All the best to you and may you and your business continue to thrive and prosper.
With great appreciation, Gail and Mark – July 2018


Dear Martin, thank you again for transforming my pieces into bespoke heirloom treasures. Your artistry and craftsmanship is brilliant.

~ Patricia R. – October 2018



Hello! I was visiting Salt Spring Island with my mother two years ago, and we chose one of your sterling silver leaf rings as a graduation present. I have worn it every singe day since then and I just wanted to write and say how beautiful it still is now that it has been polished to a smooth silver by constant wear. I love wearing it and wanted to say thank you for making something so beautiful. ~ Amy – 2016 & 2018


Hi Martin – I just want to thank you and let you know that I am so delighted with my beautiful ‘moon circle’ ring. It was also such a pleasure to meet you and your very kind apprentices or staff. Please let us know when Charles’ ring is ready, as we may plan another trip to Salt Spring Island in July 2017- Best regards, Melissa

Jeweler Martinus’ Life and Love Story

Almost ready to go home, it was at the end of a gorgeous late summer day when John who I knew as a friendly volunteer in the Tourist Info Center came into my studio. A man unassuming yet tall and beautifully built. He came in and suggested a jewelry piece for his wife, who he described as the most wonderful person in the world and he needed something very special. “She likes Roses, she likes Garnets, she likes it big. And can you write something on it?” What do we have to say? I questioned. “I don’t know yet”. My heart still wrenches when I think about what he expressed. “You know I have not much time left, I have a terminal illness and it can get to me very soon.” I would have worked through the night for him, but he needed time to think on the inscription and he wanted me to use or trade in silver spoons he had. They were of an elegance and intricate beauty that I could NOT hold the torch to them. The ends curled in, like the frames of the stain glasswork of cathedrals squaring like Notre Dame Paris. When he came back he had scribbled on a tiny piece of paper “All eternity can’t hold the happiness you gave me.”