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Jewelry Seminars


The Martinus Jewelry Seminars

Learn in jewelry seminars from the great tradition of the European Masters. Combine classical knowledge with the life of the 21st century. Bring your passion, gain true wisdom!

Martinus weekend seminars soldering techniquesWeekend Jewelry Seminars @ $390

Determine your talents – see into your career potential. Martinus training helps you test for a new beginning. If there is anything that holds you back, together we can find lasting adjustments or trouble shoot for solutions. These are fourteen of the most intensive hours of your professional career to unfold. Set your own goals! Study at any level. See my training suggestions.


1. Can You Trust Your Settings?

professional jewelry seminars with Martinus, stone setting techniques

How much of a stone seat can be cut into a claw? How much remaining strength do your wires need to guarantee a stone’s safe life? What is the best way to improve your shine cut around a bezel setting. Which tools are needed to get that crisp look? Which setting styles suit your designs the best. From early stages to full confidence in fine bezel work, precision wire work for claw or basket settings.


2. Chasing Success

professional jewelry seminars with Martinus, chasing techniques

Here is an ancient technique featured in these jewelry seminars that contributes distinction to your designs. Chasing can be used in its classical richness or in beautifully modern more minimalist ways. It is based on a balanced mind-body awareness. Learn the right mix of control and letting go.


3. Casting Away

professional jewelry seminars with Martinus, casting techniques

From model perfection to mold precision is what this training is about. Many students think that shooting liquid metal into investment is what makes for excitement. I say, save your nerves! Leave that to the professionals. More important to you is how to built a model well and where to attach the sprew. What kind of shapes accommodate the metal’s best flow? Where does porosity come from? Learn how to think inside and outside the mold! Where to arrange the separation line in the rubber? Where that line specifically meets the shape of your original and much more to know than that!


4. Do Your Clasps Click?

professional jewelry seminars with Martinus, clasps

From best toggle clasps to invisible mechanisms. Learn how to incorporate reliability into your necklaces, chains or bracelets. Martinus jewelry seminars show  you how to create mechanisms that fit with your best designs. Be distinctive, be original in your own style. Free yourself from merchandise!


5. Well Hinged

professional jewelry seminars with Martinus, hinge techniques

Understand the essential styles. Some hinges turn in one direction and block the other way. Some offer movement in two directions. Which style is best for your design? What’s the right length of the three tube hinge? How thick should a pin be? How to make it tight enough yet not be wiggling? In a well hinged mix of theory and bench work you can learn how to build lockets. Or perhaps bracelets are the endeared comfort to seek. Don’t leave your questions unanswered!

6. Superiority With Platinum

professional jewelry seminars with Martinus, Platinum techniques

How to be superior to the superior metal? It is fashionably sleek, but I can tell you it’s a battle. Take caution, platinum requires high technical skills. You will have to sit behind blue glasses and watch your piece glow like an incandesced light bulb in the soldering. On top you have to find out how to attach solder without flux. This work involves patience, precision and an understanding of silver, gold, and white gold fabrication. Upgrade your skills to the platinum level.

7. The Phoenix Class

professional jewelry seminars with Martinus, problem solving

Free yourself from common traps! You will learn to overcome troubling work habits. Bring along your toughest questions. Together we will find the answers to soldering, surface technique, polishing troubles, and setting mistakes. And you will find help with the logic of work sequences at any level. Experience how to analyze well and to make your own adjustments.


workshop-in-action03221Make it Your Way

Planning for your success, I offer all my skills to take you from where you are to where you want to be. If you have something to bring to my class, it is patience with yourself and to enjoy what you are doing. Certification for your level and area of study is available upon request. – Martinus –

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8 weeks before your class, you can step back to a full refund, no questions asked. If you are not satisfied after the first day of training, you will receive your refund for anything you have paid to us. Honour and a handshake between jewelers is all we need.

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