Apprenticeship – Long Term


Apprenticeship – Long Term
Please be advised that 2019 will be a transition year for the studio. If you want to be informed of changes happening, please check our student newsletter (Tinker Bell News) using the subscribe button on this page.

What is the real value of a long term apprenticeship? You will connect with history gaining direct knowledge passed down by the great German, Swiss and Italian Masters of all times.


Apprenticeship - Long Term, Jewelry training with Martinus

In an apprenticeship alongside Master Martin Ebbers, you will be directly involved in; design concepts, plans and all aspects of his fine jewelry production. You will not pay for your training, but you are asked to assist and pay with your talent. Taking time to be serious at the workbench helps you to integrate technical skills and explore your career potential in the professional world.

Once you can be serious in your decision-making and confident in your body awareness, we can negotiate payment. Six months is a minimum commitment if you have had a previous employment. It is an open contract for both of us. If you have already become one of my Weekend Seminar students we will know more about each other for the long run.

Prerequisite for this program is our Weekend Seminar and a minimum of one week Apprentice-Style Training and/or previous professional training.

Paul’s Testimonial:
“Martinus is an open minded instructor who is always encouraging, helpful and incredibly patient. The relaxed studio atmosphere makes a comfortable working environment and it has been a true pleasure apprenticing with Martinus. My working experience with Martinus has been an opportunity to fine tune my skills as a metalsmith, skills I have been working to develop for some time. His focus on precision and detail has assisted in bringing my own work to new levels. Along with special attention to design techniques and tips in production, I am now able to create more complicated pieces in a timely manner which is important in being a successful goldsmith.”


Apprenticeship - Long Term

At about 2½ years of apprenticeship training, he is able to properly assemble a white gold, triple ring shank with a stepped, yellow gold tapered bezel setting. Martinus is involved for guidance, touch-ups and precision stone setting.

Mutual Benefits

Over the past ten years Martinus Long Term Apprenticeships have become a new concept in fine jewelry training. It satisfies the trainees needs and the studio’s requirements for quality. Please see into some of the major projects that Paul and Alex have accomplished in their training. The images and explanations on those pages can give you good ideas of what you can achieve in your training. Unfortunately space is very limited, but don’t hesitate to connect!

workshop-in-action03221Make it Your Way

Planning for your success, I offer all my skills to take you from where you are to where you want to be. If you have something to bring to my class, it is patience with yourself and to enjoy what you are doing. Certification for your level and area of study is available upon request. – Martinus –

FAQ’s – Materials, Travel, Accommodation, Work Safe
Exhibitions, awards, patents and more, read Martinus’ Bio

Set up an Appointment 250 538 1730 or Contact Martinus Here



It’s a gift to your talent

Let’s find out when to start your apprenticeship, what your interests are and how to develop your best plans.

How would you like us to connect with you?

Thank you for your questions and suggestions!
To answer your inquiry with thought and consideration may take a few days. I am happy to answer any questions by phone 11 until 4 Pacific time at 250 538 1730. Once we have assembled a good plan for you, a down payment of $80 is requested to hold your place in time.

Payment Methods
We accept Visa, MasterCard, e-transfers, PayPal, and Cheques or Cash if you happen to have it! Your Tuition Remainder can be paid at your class. The Tuition will be subject to GST, while GST & PST is charged on materials if provided.

No Stress Refunds
8 weeks before your class, you can step back to a full refund, no questions asked. If you are not satisfied after the first day of training, you will receive your refund for anything you have paid to us. Honour and a handshake between jewelers is all we need.

Favourite Accommodations
Indigo Farm
Salt Spring Inn
Seabreeze Inne
On Duck Creek B&B

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