Apprentice Short Term


Apprentice Short Term
Please be advised that 2019 will be a transition year for the studio. If you want to be informed of changes happening, please check our student newsletter (Tinker Bell News) using the subscribe button on this page.

Week long sessions @ $880 per week,

Apprentice Short Term - from drawing to reality - Martinus TrainingIf you know which techniques don’t work for you, how would you know what to learn from it? Key to my apprentice short term training is that I want you to avoid learning from mistakes! That keeps your nerves at peace and your mind positive to realize good work. Stress free, clear emotions at work will open you up to good observation and body awareness, for the best use of tools and for precise design results.

Why apprentice short term?

Here you can have it your way. Martinus offers week-long or multiple weeks of professional jewelers training. Select the areas of technical interest to combine with your own style. Find guidance to plan for your personal niche market while improving your experience level. Perhaps you are a working jeweler looking for specific upgrades to improve your skill level. All trainees will enjoy my attention any time it is needed. I support my students with advice in the planning of each piece. Clear explanations help along the way. Often I sit down for demonstrations and clarifications in the making of your jewelry.

Apprentice Short Term Martinus Jewelry training, Bench TipsHow much theory do I need?

Martinus’ European-style apprentice short term training also offers good foundations in metallurgy knowledge and technical understanding. As you are discovering your freedom and confidence in jewelry design, you will be supported with any theory as needed. You will be learning in a well-equipped training environment while developing innovative ways to use the studio equipment. Round it up with support for body posture to improve precision, and many invaluable key bench tips, that’s my training. Check out the Bench Tips! To the right of this page you can find out how detail oriented this training is. Even reading can help you to step up to new tasks! Find out what Bret and Justin have accomplished. See their photo galleries!

Which steps to take?

I would like to see you for a weekend seminar first, to find out what you would like to learn and what to aim for in the future. Once you have become one of my Professional Weekend Seminar students, we will know more about each other. We will determine your work background and technical areas of study. (If my weekends are booked I will offer weekdays) . As this training is only available to professionals, you may decide to go further and turn this into a fulfilling Long Term Apprenticeship, if available.

Planning your success

Train from where you are to where you want to be!

Apprentice Short Term Martinus Jewelry training, Clasps, Casting, Settings, Hinging, Chasing, Platinum and more

High stakes of a Master

Setting high stakes as a German Master Goldsmith with a Design Degree for more than 35 years in the workshop, that’s my life. Winning prizes, registering a patent and copyright for my work in Germany, that’s what still fills it with pleasure. There I started out, worked and designed for many years in my own studio. Two of my journeyman jewelers found the confidence to become Masters and Designers themselves. Later, I was working as a creative head of a man’s jewelry factory, serving an international clientele. That became nerve-racking through price pressures from Asia.  Thereafter, helping a Hamburg based designer in structuring her workshop; strengthening the production of her workforce. This is the point in my life when I decided to take a leap of faith. Canada was the place I wanted to build my studio and training . After all these experiences I can tell you one thing for sure! If you have talent, we can make it a success!

Apprentice Short Term jewelry training with MartinusJulie Sperber – Apprentice Short Term –
“It is inspiring and humbling to watch a master at work at his craft and Martinus is a true master. I thank him for his time, patience and generosity of both knowledge and spirit. I am thankful I found Martinus and his studio, he has helped me grow as a jeweller and has enabled me to advance the quality of my work.”


workshop-in-action03221Make it Your Way

Planning for your success, I offer all my skills to take you from where you are to where you want to be. If you have something to bring to my class, it is patience with yourself and to enjoy what you are doing. Certification for your level and area of study is available upon request. – Martinus –

FAQ’s – Materials, Travel, Accommodation, Work Safe
Exhibitions, awards, patents and more, read Martinus’ Bio

Set up an Appointment 250 538 1730 or Contact Martinus Here



It’s a gift to your talent

Let’s find out when to start, what your interests are and how to develop your best plans.

How would you like us to connect with you?

Thank you for your questions and suggestions!
To answer your inquiry with thought and consideration may take a few days. I am happy to answer any questions by phone 11 until 4 Pacific time at 250 538 1730. Once we have assembled a good plan for you, a down payment of $80 is requested to hold your place in time.

Payment Methods
We accept Visa, MasterCard, e-transfers, PayPal, and Cheques or Cash if you happen to have it! Your Tuition Remainder can be paid at your class. The Tuition will be subject to GST, while GST & PST is charged on materials if provided.

No Stress Refunds
8 weeks before your class, you can step back to a full refund, no questions asked. If you are not satisfied after the first day of training, you will receive your refund for anything you have paid to us. Honour and a handshake between jewelers is all we need.

Favourite Accommodations
Indigo Farm
Salt Spring Inn
Seabreeze Inne
On Duck Creek B&B

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