Ring Designing


Ring Designing

Find your way in to, – or out of the circle. Rings are not always round like wedding bands or eternity rings which are allowed to slowly spin on your finger. A squarish outside shape can prevent a ring from turning. Or questions come up like; can a setting be fitted in, or be added on top of a band? How can shapes be prepared to fit one another? What is the best order in the assembly of parts? When is it time to refine for the polishing? These and many more conceptual aspects of ring designing will be part of an inspiring training. Check images and descriptions below!


Fileene's ring - Flowing lines and precise soldering along with a natural, faceted sapphire for her mother’s birthday.

Fileene's rings - Brushed sterling silver, chased initials with rubies set by Martinus.

Abir & Mark's rings have gentle curves and textures created using chasing techniques. A unique look with a rounded inner band for comfort.

Fiona and Jim - Great results and perfectly smooth surfaces. Both students focused their efforts to achieve elegant bands with a pristine finish.

Sophia - Carefully soldering one of two hinges for her ring design.

Sophia - After successfully soldering hinges, the recessed, geometric face of the ring is blackened with sulphides and a pearl completes her design.

Claire - This impressive and slightly domed, sterling silver ring is perfect for a design that features a continuous letter stamp pattern.

Amanda's new, contemporary looking squared band will have a brushed, fine finish before the sides are high polished.

Amanda - The top view of her diamond ring. Gypsy set in an inlaid gold tubing on her square shaped ring, the diamond was reused from a family piece.

Amanda - A second ring project with a dramatic, open shank design. A black pearl completes this elegantly modern composition.

Clare's ring beautifully contrasts a spacious, finely textured, silver surface and high polished gold with a cabochon cut tourmaline at the centre, set by Martinus.

Mary's ring combines a gold setting for her faceted garnet precisely connected to a round profile sterling ring shank. The piece was made in one studio day - that's talent.

Katherine's first experience cutting metal is practiced on copper plate. Her ring design is cut in sterling silver for a special rotating band of LOVE letters.

Katherine's unique, kinetic ring has carefully soldered side rails and the top letter band moves as desired! Bravo!

Angelique took a weekend workshop to design and create something extraordinary. Here she has boldly cut out the shapes of “die pressed” octopus tentacles. Above she will place a special yellow calcite in a remarkably original ring.

Pam has created a personally expressive ring with wrapped and layered effects. Her dream project was to create a ring with dramatic contours and a surface pattern involving two precious metals. A sterling silver shank is draped with a textured 18k yellow gold element.

Shelley has brought special gold nuggets that she found 20 yrs. ago to her weekend workshop. Her project involved creating an attractive, sterling silver ring shank with recessed areas into which she carefully soldered the found treasures.

Here are two sophisticated bands that required patience and hard work for everyone. Including the ring shank, there are three layers of white gold building up the detailed profile of this ring. Martinus has bezel set black diamonds for his students in these special wedding bands.

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