Individual Projects - Two models in bead production by Carol

Individual Projects


Individual Projects – Weekend Workshop!

This is a combination of Risk-Taking and Dream-Project. With Martinus’ guidance your idea, your personal preferences can become reality. Create something out of the ordinary like a hair pin for a friend, a brooch for mom, a bangle for a best friend, even a pair of silver eye glasses were made once. Let your imagination go, come up with ideas, send a sketch, photo or description to Martinus. The Individual Projects Weekend Workshop is your starting point on your way to a rewarding learning experience. Melting old or unused jewelry can become part of the course, though dis-assembly and melting might take up some time. Let’s create a unique piece that can last a lifetime.

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Individual Projects - Two models in bead production by Carol

This top view of Heidi's cylindrical ring shows the chased floral pattern of bamboo. Gold beads with an aquamarine complete this composition.

Heidi - A weekend workshop student concentrating on her project.

Roxane is protecting the textured surface of her cuff bracelet with tape before cutting into the sterling silver tube that will become her prized bracelet.

Here we are making a little trim around the mold. The model is covered inside to help keep the halves positioned.

Carol prepares for mold-making in the vulcanizer. The aluminum frame has stacked rubber sheets and shows her two, original models.

Sylvia's previous classes and studio experience come through in her bold earring design. Strong geometric forms are harmonized with confidence in purple amethyst and 18 yellow gold!

After wax model making, Ayla has lots of work waiting - a selection of sterling silver castings ready to finish.

Ayla has bound the silver beads with wirefor soldering. All sprews needed to be cut short and left as a support for the section of solder.

Cathy's elegant bracelet design shows a twist along the central wire while flowing curves and diameters offer tension and flexibility.

Judy's successful rubber mold shows cooled wax injections for a bale and pendant setting.

Completion. A close up of Judy's striking pendant complimented by her own sterling silver setting!

A student learning about textures in mold making. Here you see the grinding of the top and bottom shells of the cuttlefish bone. Cuttlefish castings are used with waxes as a press-in technique.These waxes can also be used afterward in lost wax castings.

Here we have; the waxes and castings complete with heavy sprews and pieces of the remains of the cuttlefish shells.

Sandra's perfectly finished cuttlefish casting. Boold confident lines and a softly brushed, silver matte look.

Roxane's impressive silver cuff bracelet. Highly polished rims and interior accent the heavily textured, oxidized surface that is offset with a fine diamond in a gold bezel setting.

Jane, a textile artist, is cleaning the rivets for her one-of-a-kind, ornamental scarf pins with a power driven flex-shaft.

Jane focuses on achieving just the right twist to secure the pin on her ornamental scarf pin.- its not easy!

Jane's spiral scarf pin is beautifully finished with an integrated catch and hammer forged finish.

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