Chain Fabrication - From a sketch to reality, student work by Kim

Chain Fabrication


Chain Fabrication – Weekend Workshop

Master sequence, rhythm and flow in chain fabrication! Whether you call it a chain or a necklace, it’s all about proportion, a good rhythm of shapes and flowing movements. This kind of jewelry is meant to comfortably surround your body with good feelings.  Wearing it as art, you want to attract with elegance or expressiveness from a distance yet reveal subtle detail up close through texture and interest in relief. This chain fabrication workshop is a great opportunity to learn how to assemble with confidence, to solder well and to refine surfaces.  Will it be an exciting high polish finish, or try out vibrant or matted surface options?  The creation of a clasp is most important to many students. See what others have accomplished in our Weekend Workshops. Please explore chain fabrication in images and descriptions of student work below. This will give you a good idea what you – and Martinus’ training can really do for you!

Chain Fabrication - From a sketch to reality, student work by Kim

Clare has made four sizes of chain links from wire coiled on four different mandrels. These coils are ready to be cut!

Clare has created a surprisingly stunning necklace in her first chain-making class!

Loraine's triple links in brass and silver look fabulous alhough a weekend workshop wasn’t quite enough time to finish this impressive chain.

A detail of Loraine's "ethnic-style" necklace showing that a toggle clasp can have different characteristics for style.

Carol is a satisfied student who has designed and produced an original necklace.

Here we see the wonderful proportions in Manuela's necklace design. Note that she has carefully sized the double links to match the diameter of her custom made glass beads.

Manuela's necklace is ready to wear. Balanced proportions, length and the rhythm & repetition of segments create a beautiful, flowing composition.

Meredith has carefully connected textured, open links to the soldered ones. The open links in her design will now be soldered.

A variation of Meredith's chain design formed into cast bronze links for a special bracelet.

Amanda has created lovely flow in her necklace design through the shape of the links and lively, hammered surface textures. Here we see that there are subtle ways to incorporate a toggle clasp.

The rhythm and feel of Kim's necklace becomes clearer as she follows her original sketch. It is the centerpiece that will take some serious design work.

Here are Meredith's eucalyptus inspired, hammer textured chain links. The final assembly is in progress - the s-hook clasp has been forged from sterling silver wire and is already attached.

Meredith's highly original and simply stunning necklace is made up of four large, brushed sterlijng silver, leaf-type forms that have been enhanced with sulphides for coloration.

Here Ayla has created heart-shaped links to make a smooth, substantial sterling silver chain.

Manuela is a glass artist. Here is her sketch with her first, sterling silver links alongside the glass beads that she will feature in her design.

Nettie is quite happy with her impressive, long endless strand-style chain. This project took three dedicated days to complete. These links of varying diameters and thicknesses, that took real patience to produce, add up to a spectacular original neck piece.

Here is a happy student, Kim, after two days of real concentration and hard work, (and aching hands!).

Meredith experiments with variations on a eucalyptus leaf-inspired theme. Here is an adjustable neck piece incorporating silver stainless steel wire with three freshwater pearls.

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