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Martinus – 14 Hour Jewelry Workshops

For our two day Jewelry Workshops we charge $390.00. Please see the side bar for our weekend schedule. Sometimes we can offer additional training times. Please contact us or join in for our Tinker Bell Newsletter.

The Aspiring Jewelers Program – Beginners & Return Students

Find the right jewelry workshops here to start or broaden your jewelry experience. In this Aspiring Jewelers Program there are no prerequisites. Martinus will take you from where you are toward the place you want to be. Only talent would be good!

Martinus’ jewelry workshops will build immediate experience. Here you find a new design base for your jewelry. One-on-one you will be guided in your training. Too, you will be using what you have learned already in the beginning, then translating it into the next steps ahead of you. Our small class size of two to three allows you to learn from fellow students. To observe your teacher in demonstrations will truly help your understanding . It is fascinating to combine your design approach with Martinus’ quality support in your own piece.

Work with a real master and see your hands shaping precious silver or gold! Martinus is flexible to get you started in any of our jewelry workshops in Ring Design, Chain Fabrication or in our Individual Projects Class. With your chosen workshop you will also experience the joy of working with fascinating tools on fine materials in a comfortable, well-equipped working studio.
Talk about your inspiration, or call Martinus to check in 250 538 1730


Your Best Starting Points

Individual Projects

Who is Martinus?

Finally there, after eight years of rigorous training! Martin Ebbers (Martinus) graduated in 1980. He holds a Design Degree from the German Institute of Goldsmith Arts in Hanau. At the same time was awarded the traditional Master Goldsmith Degree. The Jewelers Guild issued the Grand Training Qualification for all levels . He worked as the designer in his own studio. Later as well for internationally operating companies. His Jewelry Workshops in Canada started in 2004. Since then they have become an institution on Salt Spring Island.

Awards, Patents and Exhibitions see Bio

Classic Techniques, Professional Studio Equipment

Fine Jeweler's tools in Martinus' jewelry workshops

  • Get to know a jeweler’s torch. Become familiar with the melting points of precious metals.
  • Construct with metals – using soldering and fusing techniques. Demystify how solder works. Discover effective techniques with binding wire.
  • Design and create metal shapes. Use jeweler’s vices and European hand tools.
  • Enjoy precise measuring tools; calipers, compass and micrometer.
  • Explore forging techniques. Learn using a variety of anvils, dyes, hammering blocks and punches.
  • Create your own sheet metal and wire. Be precise with rolling mills and calibrated drawplates.
  • Understand the efficiency of hand tools. Use the right files, polishing wheels, sanding equipment, clippers, hammers, punches & pliers.


How to make it happen:

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FAQs – Travel, Accommodation, Work Safe

Further questions? Contact Martinus directly 250.538.1730 to discuss your skills and interests, or email Martinus

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