Jewellery training course with Martinus

Jewelry Training

Jewelry Training for Professionals & Aspiring Jewelers Program

I am offering Jewelry Training for more than twelve years on Salt Spring Island. Many people call me Martinus. Most use an emphasis on – US – others highten the – I – in the name. Even though intended as a Company Identity, it makes it easier for you when talking about a Master Goldsmith called Martin Ebbers.

My own jewelry training in Germany was long and hard. I offer you anything I have learned with no hesitation. If you are an Aspiring Jeweler, I will get you going on tools and precision. If you are a professional, I will make you stand out.

On Canadian soil so far I have seen 124 students, beginners and experienced jewelers who found the most intensive Fine Jewelry Training anyone had ever seen before. Here you discover personalized guidance, foresight, explanations and demonstrations in a class size of only two to three students. Take your time to look at all the technical and creative choices on my website. Most of my students aim to come back. If you want a spot, let me suggest, don’t think for too long!

Martin Ebbers
Jewelry Training Student Works by Martinus

Jewelry Workshops & Aspiring Jewelers Program

Rings, Necklaces or Individual Projects

Design what you like! Experience fascinating tools, fine materials. All happening in our small class size and comfortable studio setting. You will enjoy these personalized weekend workshops. Here you explore your creativity in a highly supportive jewelry training. If  you want to realize that special dream, click into the light green links  on the following pages to find out what others have made and accomplished in 14 hours of training.

Follow-up sessions? – We can make it happen!

Professional Jewelers Program

Solutions – Up-grades – Refinement

Here you find the right training for your personal needs. How much time would you like to invest. Get the insights, follow the dark green links throughout this site!

1. Jewelry Seminars The Solutions, enjoy 14 intensive hours of professional jewelry training. Discover the unexpected. Find your solutions and 1o1 individual support.

2. Apprentice-Style Training – Short Term
Up-grades  find what benefits your future. Clear out old habits. Consider a week, maybe month long sessions. Here you find full attention to your needs. I’ll assure you, we will customize your jewelry training exactly towards your interests and long term goals.

3. European Apprenticeship – Long Term
Refinement for months or years. Working alongside Master Martin, that is quality jewelry training. Check out images of our students work and how they refined “hands-on” long term!  Remuneration for assistance is possible, yet quality related.

Bring your talent – Explore your choices – click the links above!