Ear Studs

Ear Studs

Never loose your ear studs again!

Ear Studs in white gold, diamonds and garnet- Martinus
Ear Stud Earrings in yellow gold with south sea pearls and diamonds
Ear Stud Earrings in yellow gold and diamonds
Ear Stud Earrings in yellow gold with diamonds
Ear Stud Earrings - in yellow gold with pearls
Ear Stud Earrings in yellow gold and diamonds
Ear Stud Earrings in white gold and diamonds

Rhapsody in Red & White   $2,750
What a perfect composition! Wear Diamonds by day, add fine Garnets to make it your special night out. Diamond studs in polished white gold 0.16ct F-vs2. paired with faceted Sri Lankan Garnets 3.23ct, all in 18 karat white gold.

South Sea Stars   $1,980
Floating on the South Seas, gazing at the stars you might see these earrings. Fine, light green diamonds are gypsy set in gently curved 18 karat yellow gold. Exquisite natural green South Seas Pearls dance with your every movement. Diamonds 0.12ct.

Reflections    $1,080
Be reminded of a sweet first kiss or recall special memories with these classically stylish earrings. Fine white diamonds are gypsy set in gently curved yellow gold. Simply stated sophistication. 18 karat yellow gold, diamonds 0.12ct.

Mayan Sun Circle   $2,220
The sun was central in Mayan belief and mythology. Bright domed golden disks bring the sunshine to your ear. The contrast between gold and the dispersing light of two fine diamonds, that's it. Simple, elegant! Ear Studs with big butterfly backings make for safe and straight fit. Diamonds, G/vs 0.20ct - 18 karat yellow gold

Dolce Vita   $2,440
Find sweetness in life! Gorgeous like gold itself, these softly textured ear studs can be worn as a glowing statement on their own, or attach their freshwater pearls to face the music and dance! Gold 18k, fine pearls, detachable.

Meringue   $1,150
Treat yourself! The Spanish word for this dance and music means 'the sweet dessert'. Sweet, appealing and fun! Sparkling diamonds highlight white gold settings riding the wave of matted yellow gold. Hand-crafted ear studs, joy and precision in 18k gold. Two perfect diamonds of 0.16 carat in F/vs quality.

Star Catcher   $1,590
The stars of our earring collection. Their rounded shape and gentle surface of our hand-crafted 18 karat white gold studs combine with the quality cut of two real night sparklers. Add movement and fun to your life. Two diamonds 0.30ct F-si1

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Ear Studs – What is important?
What separates good ear studs from the best – or the worst? Ear studs are a staple in everyone’s life now. Only, they get lost. Backings fall through the sink holes and sweaters pull off the best parts before you know. What can be done? Safety measures may depend on your earrings’ value or your appreciation. At the Martinus Studio we use strong stud posts and the strongest butterfly backings possible. Often overlooked are the earring posts snap-notches. They have to fit the curve of their particular backing spring exactly. That takes care of many early morning search stresses. If you need it safer; let’s say for the girl’s best friends, the big diamond studs; choose French Alpa backings. These unique click-in super stopper mechanisms are my favourites.

Most of my talk is technique here, but have a look at the beautiful styles we have for you!

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