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Diamond Rings

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Solitair Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold 18k - handmade fine jewelry - Martinus
0.5ct princess cut diamond solitair in 18k yellow gold by Martinus
20 Stone Eternity Diamond Ring in 18k white gold | Martinus
Leaf pattern Diamond Ring in 18k white gold | Martinus
Center Diamond woman's ring with 16 side Diamonds 18k White Gold | Martinus
Solitair Diamond Ring in rose, pink gold 18k by Martinus
Bespoken diamond ring with natural gold by Martinus
ToTheNines diamond ring 18 karat white gold by Martinus
Purity diamond ring 18 karat white gold by Martinus
Barnacle Beach diamond and rose gold ring by Martinus
White Barnacles-diamond ring 18 karat white gold
gold and diamond ring by Martinus
Diamond Rings - Pink Gold 18 karat eternity band by Martinus
Diamond Rings - Woman's ring in yellow gold 18k
Diamond Rings - three Barnacles Rings by Martinus
Barnacles diamond ring 18 karat white gold
diamond ring in 18 karat rose gold
Diamond ring
Diamond ring Artisan Jewelry by Martinus
Diamond ring in 18 karat yellow and white gold
Diamond wedding bands
Rose gold diamond ring
crown of Laurel
Designed by Martinus
Designed by Martinus
Designed by Martinus

Princess found the Pea   $2,450
Be special, be content! Give this diamond center stage on your hand. Quality Facts: This ring features a 0.25ct J/vs quarter carat light yellow diamond. It was selected for its clarity, very good cut and its all around strong brilliance. Martinus’ newly invented recessed Jardin Setting was embedded it in a highly textured yellow gold ring. Fully handmade, it merges the yellow hues and gives this diamond a presence it truly deserves!

The Graduate;  $2,960
We may have learned something, when life is changing for the better, make it forever as its said for a diamond. This handsome ring is as solid as a true promise. Textured gold with polished side bands states purpose and stability for life! Canadian Diamond 0.50 ct K/Vs2, 18 karat gold band.

White Barnacles     $4,120
Inspired by the sea, the sparkling abundance in this exclusive Matrinus design offers twenty exquisite diamonds along an eternity band. European craftsmanship in 18 karat white gold. Twenty diamonds, 1.04ct F/vvs.

Release Me   $1,595
Escape the mold, be yourself! Be gentle too! Discover this delicate white gold leaf, molded into a frame. To the side it's setting off a single diamond like a promise to you -- full of joy, life and vitality! What a beauty, 18 karat white gold, fine Diamond 0.08 ct F/vs quality.

Fly Away   $3,660
Exquisite design, classic technique, comfortable to wear. An exceptional diamond presents itself in a spacious composition between sixteen fine diamonds. Light and graceful as a “Butterfly”. A band made in 18 karat white gold. 16 Diamonds 0.32 F/vs spread around a Center Diamond of 0.23ct E/vs

Eye of Egypt   Sold
Captivating as the ancient Egyptian Eye Symbol combined with one diamond's mysterious sparkle! Martinus captures a natural peach champagne Canadian diamond in a new original setting style. This "tension setting” allows for flowing contours. Too it feature a beautiful contrast between matted and highly polished surfaces.Precision handmade Canadian in 18 karat rose gold. Diamond 0.41 ct K/vs2 certified Canadian, laser engraved.All this, true comfort and nothing catches!

Bespoken   $1,980
Be natural, be different, be yourself, and never alone again. What a ring, as natural as gold can be and one of a kind in Canadian diamonds. Live wholehearted, live natural!Choose Yukon placer gold, 14 karat recycled gold plus a natural Canadian diamond 0.25 ct. K/Si1. What more to ask for?

To the Nines   $4,960
Don't go to town without your diamonds! Well-dressed and pleasing to the eyes! This flaring crown of nine fine diamonds, that's perfection, grace and comfort in one.9 Diamonds 0.75ct F/vs 18 karat polished white gold, made for candlelight and sunny days!

Purity   $3.880
A pure heart is rare to find! Even more attractive than beauty, truthful lines of white gold embrace this solitaire diamond. Classic brilliant cut Diamond 0.50 F/Vs2, 18 karat white gold. Trust a happy ending

Barnacle Beach     $3,650
A jeweler’s impressionist view on nature. Seven naturally rosy Australian diamonds of varying sizes have found their rock solid setting. With the subtlety of its merging colours and gentle shapes, Martinus’ new design in polished rose gold is composed in absolute simplicity for your comfort and to last forever. Rose gold, Natural light champagne diamonds, 0.74ct.

Barnacles Trust     $4,680
Inspired by reflections from under the sea. Martinus’ take on nature, expresses sensitivity to flow and proportion. Elegant side bands frame his signature design. The playful row of twenty exquisite diamonds is elegantly bezel-set around this eternity band. 20 Diamonds 1.04 ct. F-vs. 18 karat white gold.

Lily Blossoms   $2,550
Serene jewels of the pond, seven leaves are floating to the surface of your hand. As if by magic five exquisite blossoms like fine diamond nymphs cast their spell. What is more enchanting? 5 Diamonds F-vs 0.15ct White gold 18 karat - Matte and polished elegance for life long comforting pleasures.

Lily Blossoms   $2,450
Alluring, shapely Water Lilies are the inspiration for great works of art and a precious sculptural design. Six fine diamonds nestled between the leaves float like blossoms opening toward the heavens. 6 Diamonds, F-vs 0.10ct. 18 karat yellow gold

Pebbles   $2,480
Mastering the natural phenomenon of sand, wind and sea in fine jewelry. See a gently rippled surface capturing nature in its elements. This is a one of a kind idea. It shows off seven sparking quality diamond “pebbles” spread on its eternal beach. Choose quality and comfort at its finest - 18 karat yellow gold, Diamonds F/vs 0.21ct

Snow White   $2,660
Gutsy good hearted. White tone on tone and a masterpiece of simplicity! A clear white diamond is set here in a matte finished low bezel setting. It connects to a polished oval-shaped ring band in absolute precision. Eighteen karat white gold. Diamond 0.30ct E/Si1A solid piece of jewelry ready to comfort you in all movements of life.

Bliss   $2,560
Bliss as the essence of simplicity. This composition of clear lines and rounded shapes tempts the light in many ways. Fine polished surfaces allow for it to flow in joy and serenity. And - the diamond centers the light with bliss. 18 karat gold, diamond G/vs 0.32ct.

Aphrodite's Mirror     $2,130
Reborn and bound to nature. Aphrodite symbolizes the feminine and divine in beauty. Elegant lines are mirrored around a richly textured gold band. Its fine setting follows the diamond's contour in polished white gold. Diamond Marquise 0.29 ct H/Si2 , 18 karat yellow and white Gold.

Royal Barnacles     $4,990
In a hue of peach champagne, sixteen brilliant cut diamonds of varying weights give shape to your finger. With more than one and a half carat stone weight, the natural colour of its diamonds together with the polished rose gold, blend so perfectly in this ring. Enjoy authentic craftsmanship and this milestone from the family of Martinus’ signature Barnacles designs. 18 karat rose gold, 16 peach champagne diamonds 1.57ct.

Barnacle Friends     $3,910
A jeweler’s impressionist view on nature. Seven naturally yellow diamonds of varying sizes have found their rock solid setting. Martinus’ new design in hammer textured yellow gold is composed for absolute simplicity and comfort. Yellow gold, natural light yellow diamonds, Si 0.80ct.

Seven Seas Barnacles     From $1,840 to $2,220
The playful elegance of seven fine diamonds in natural colours are harmonized with bright, gold tones in Martinus West Coast style rings. Designed with a comfort fit band, inspired by the shimmering seas. Individual rings available in white, yellow or rose gold.

Barnacle Grace     $4,240
Shining abundance like grace in time, Martinus’ new design in polished white gold is composed of seven varying diamond sizes. The fine line of quality gems is set in absolute simplicity on a ring of gentle shapes to comfort and to last forever. 18 karat white gold diamonds F/vs 0.74 ct.

Barnacle Cove     $3,380
A colony of diamonds takes center stage on your hand. Martinus’ design enlivens varying sizes of fine rosy natural diamonds within low settings to snuggle on your finger. A comfortably rounded ring band in polished rose gold finishes off a new masterpiece in Martinus’ jewelry fabrication. 18 karat rose gold. Natural peach champagne diamonds, 0.64ct.

Acanthus    $2,450
Martinus' continuum of delicate leaflets honours nature in its finer dimensions. The polished white gold side bands compliment this detailed surface pattern, while seven fine diamonds at random distances sparkle like dew drops in the morning.Enjoy this comfort fit band of solid 18 karat white gold, 7 diamonds together 0.10ct F/vs.

Helena     $4,680
Sophisticated, this exquisite ring echoes the refinement of classic Greek culture. Martinus' design offers truly elegant proportions and a brilliant cut diamond centerpiece. Diamond 0.56 ct F/Si1, 18 karat polished white gold.

Poet’s Retreat     $680
Ancient poetry inspires this beautiful letter textured surface. Six lovely diamonds sparkle like truth itself, along a substantial yellow gold and sterling silver band. Silver & 18 karat yellow gold 6 diamonds 0.08ct.

Never let me go     $2,950 & $3,150
Sparkling gypsy set diamonds are little promises on this exquisite eternity band. A softly brushed, white gold band is contrasted by a rounded; highly polished inner profile. Two red hearts are your hidden promise. 10 Diamonds G/si1 0.15 ea. 18 karat yellow and white gold.

Tenderness     $1,890
And simple pleasures become a passion! Our Tenderness ring follows shapes and lines of your hand in perfection. Its curves and inner rounding snuggle in with you for life, while the rosy natural colour of diamonds does the same to the brushed and polished rose gold. 18 karat rose gold. Diamonds 0.15ct.

Crown of Laurel     $2,460
A continuum of delicate leaflets reflect and honor the truth in life’s deeper meanings. Seven fine diamonds sparkle like fresh dew drops between elegantly polished side bands and rounded, polished interior. Diamonds F/vs, 0.10ct. 18 karat yellow or white gold.

Fly Me to the Moon     $2,650
As love can take us over the moon, sixteen fine sparkling diamonds rise like stars along an impressive, softly burnished band. The rounded interior offers the comfort for life. A statement classic and confident. 18 karat white gold. 16 Diamonds 0.16ct. G/si1.

Celebration     $5,940
Celebrate! Fall in love all over again with Martinus' eternity band. Sixteen selected fine diamonds are delicately inlayed along a shapely, refined white gold band. Uniquely understated, comfort fit. 18 karat white gold, diamonds 1.18ct F/vvs.

Twiggy     $690 each
The twigs and twines of nature are the inspiration for this unique ring design. Combining white diamonds with the matte surfaces of rose, white or yellow 18 karat gold. Worn together or individually. Diamonds, 0.06ct.

Zenobia     $2,950
Make yourself the center of your universe. Hammer mark textured surfaces and expressive lines draw focus and attention to simplicity. A hinged ring band adds comfort and pleasure in 18 karat yellow gold. Purity and refinement captures here a natural yellow diamond of 0.25ct. set in white gold.

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With Diamond Rings; there is no age, there is no time you want to miss! Find comfort in a good handmade ring design. We produce Martinus’ diamond rings in white gold, yellow, or rose gold. Often we search for natural diamond colours to match the three hues of gold. As we know, diamonds last forever; though our rings, we promise, at least for generations. All diamonds are ethically sourced. Above a quarter carat weight, they come internationally certified or Canadian. See the collection and appreciate the integrity of our setting styles. “Bellevue Square” for example gives any diamond ring a good dash of sparkle. Or, “Bliss” our new surprise. It features a rounded white gold setting, which magnifies the look of a diamond. We can draw and design for you. Share your heart, share your world, we share what we know the best. See fine diamond rings handmade at its best. Check in with Martinus below or bookmark this page!

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