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Nature Jewelry – See where dew kissed a leaf or a twirl holds a twine


Diamond Rings – Temptation diamonds – When life is good, every day is passion


Wedding Rings – Reasons of the heart – We melt, to meld your world with joy


Gemstone Rings – When ancient colours strike a bell in our soul


Shepherd Hooks – The secrets of eye colour and other revelations


Hoops that click like friends for life – See Martinus Infinity Hoops


Ear Studs – Never loose an earring again


Pendants & Necklaces – Explore your senses; find pleasure for the eye, wear comfort on your skin


Fine Jewelry Designs – handmade, authentic, Canadian  by Martinus

On top of the world! Would you say? “My rings are my love, my necklaces my strength, my earrings my fun. I like who I am.” – Martinus fine jewelry is Canadian custom and handmade fine jewelry to who you are. In our studio on Salt Spring Island we work in three gold colours, silver and platinum and we melt for you. With gemstones; we find our connection to the ancient secrets of the earth. Their brilliant colours go right from the eye into our feelings. Too, gemstones and pearls warm up so nicely with our skin. There is nothing so perfect, there is nothing so sensual, if you wish to compare.