Woman's Rings Aquamarine ring in 18 karat white gold by Martinus

Woman’s Rings

Woman’s Rings

These treasures are in the hands of happy people. Enjoy our portfolio images of creative abundance and style. See woman’s rings in unseen combinations of shape and colour. Even though recently sold, please talk to us about what inspires you in this selection!

Ruby Lava
samba Green
Belleview Square-web
Jewelry Portfolio woman's ring in yellow and white gold, tourmaline and diamonds
Pink Flamingo
Woman's Rings Aquamarine ring in 18 karat white gold by Martinus
20 diamonds bezel set in 18 karat white gold with side rails by Martinus
Diamond ring in 18 karat yellow gold by Martinus
Barnacles on the Rock
Trust Heart1
Blue Tulip2
Lapis and Diamonds
Peach Cider

Like the misty green, surrounding the Amazon river of life, this finely polished cabochon Tourmaline is mysterious. For the center of attention, it’s securely placed in a rich twenty-two carat gold setting. All lines and shapes are paying reference to one another and polished and matted surfaces adorn its gem. Tourmaline 2.32ct, sterling silver, 22 karat gold. SOLD

Shining Star
One ruby, regal red, with a perfect star shining from within, like from the times when our planet was just forming. The gem in this work, finely cabochon cut, is securely placed in its rich twenty-two carat gold setting. See it shine in our precious design of a softly contoured ring band in matte and polished silver.Star ruby, sterling silver, 22 karat gold. SOLD

Samba Green
Celebrate with an extraordinary Brazilian tourmaline. This cabochon shimmers with perfect blues and greens surrounded by a brushed white gold inlay setting. This is complimented by a highly polished ring band. Tourmaline Cabochon 1.36ct. 18 karat white gold. SOLD

Live the bloom of life, greatest beauty, freshness, and vigor! Brilliant cut, masterfully encircled in white gold then wrapped in yellow gold. Richly hammered golden band to love forever. Diamond 0.94ct I/vs1. 18 karat yellow and white gold. Sold

Bellevue Square
A unique style of engagement ring. The prominent square center setting securely cradles a 0.71 carat round brilliant diamond accompanied by 6 side stones. This comfortable and smooth setting style creates a stunning backdrop for all the diamonds. Combine it with the Bellevue band for the ultimate wedding ring set. 18 karat white gold. Diamond 0.71ct., G/si2 6 side stones 0.30ct. SOLD

Royal Tourmaline Deep green with a hint of blue, this triangle cut tourmaline is highlighted with a fine line of 31 surrounding diamonds. designed in 18k yellow and white gold. Crowned by our Royal Tiara diamond ring. A stunning pair. Tourmaline 2.83ct, diamonds total weight 0.58ct. SOLD

Goddess of the dawn, has given her name to our wedding band; she opened the four corners of heaven for the sun to rise. 18 karat white gold. Sold.

Serenity in elegance, brilliance and honesty. This design draws on the qualities of the Greek Moon Goddess Selene riding a moon chariot across the sparkling heavens. 18 karat white gold. Sold

Green eyes of Nigeria on angel wings, shimmering soft as spring rain that comes in the night, greeting me with dewdrops of a sparkling morning. Nigerian Emerald, 0.53ct. 18 karat white gold, diamonds, 0.32ct. Sold

Flamingo - radiates femininity, balance and individuality. A graceful, vibrant rose morganite shimmers from atop a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind sculptural composition. Subtle, sweet and impressive. Comfortable to wear in polished 18 karat peach gold. Morganite 14.93ct. Sold

Like harmonies in music, the colours of nature really can enhance each other. This ring design is based on feelings of wavelength and frequencies. Amethyst in its majestic splendor is imbued here, balanced with Peridot’s gentle green company. This master goldsmith piece of generous shape is to make all stones center stage on your hand. 18 karat yellow gold, peridot, 2.2ct, amethyst 6.64ct. SOLD

Seven Pebbles - Martinus masterfully renders the natural elements of sand, wind and sea. A gently rippled surface inspired by the islands reveals an arrangement of seven sparking diamond "pebbles". 18 karat yellow gold. Diamonds F/vs 0.23ct. Sold

Turtur Maris Emerging from the depths of the Mediterranean, discover a sea turtle, engraved and magnified in a special gemstone. This natural green beryl is presented in a rounded bezel setting atop sandy beach patterns. Green Beryl 11.40ct18 karat gold. SOLD

Barnacles Trust - is inspired by reflections from under the sea. Martinus’ take on nature, expresses sensitivity to flow and proportion. Elegant side bands frame his signature design. The playful row of twenty exquisite diamonds is elegantly bezel-set around this eternity band. Diamonds 1.11ct F/vs. In 18 karat white gold. SOLD

Yellow Barnacles - Reflections from underwater. Carefully crafted in 18 karat yellow gold, twenty exquisite diamonds are elegantly bezel-set around this eternity band. Martinus’ nature-inspired piece is a free composition, expressing sensitivity, flow and proportion. 20 Diamonds, 1.10ct F/vvs. SOLD

Peppermint A sweet, glistening tourmaline will be sure to attract attention. A highly sophisticated, elegant band features a fluted, oval bezel setting in 18k white gold. Peppermint Tourmaline 1.98ct. SOLD

Barnacles on the Rocks Cool, fresh and fancy like a pink cocktail. These naturally coloured light pink diamonds glisten in our unique barnacle style settings, featuring smooth curves and lines in polished 18 karat white gold. Natural pink diamonds 0.82ct. SOLD

Blue Skies The bright, clear blue skies in this Aquamarine will lift your spirits. Side set, inlayed ice blue diamonds perfectly compliment this glorious ring, sculpted in ideal proportions. 18 karat polished white gold. Aquamarine 6.53ct checker board cut, 12 diamonds 0.26ct. SOLD

Corona A perfectly round, elegant sapphire is placed, as a blue moon at the centre of a luminous, yellow gold halo. Sophisticated proportions and sleek silver band form this desirable ring. Simply original. Sapphire Cabochon 0.57ct. 22 karat yellow gold & silver. SOLD

Trust Your Heart A clear, bright red tourmaline shines from the centre of this smooth stack of golden bands. Substantial proportions and heart warming colour contrasts in textured and polished 18karat yellow gold. Tourmaline 3.65ct. SOLD

Under the Stars This delightful night blue sapphire is centered between pearly beads of white gold and mounted in a yellow gold oval setting. Thai sapphire 0.58ct, 18 karat white and yellow gold. SOLD

Undercurrent An impressive combination of sumptuous textures and a highly polished frame surround a lustrous Chinese freshwater pearl. A smoothly tapered band responds to your movements. Comfort and Opulence in 18 karat yellow gold.SOLD

Milestone Martinus’ exceptional design sense captures a majestic composition honoring life’s milestones. A truly stunning Canadian diamond is carefully bezel set in 18 karat gold upon stacked white gold bands. The diamond is enhanced by contrasting gold tones.Oval Diamond F-si2/3 0.88ct. SOLD

Machu Picchu Glowing like the sunset over Macu Pichu, this mandarin garnet busts through a wide crater shaped bezel setting. Our intense hammered surfaces round up the spectacular details of this hand crafted ring. Garnet 0.75ct. 18k yellow gold. SOLD

Blue Tulip Blue tulip, once in the garden of Eden and never found since. Our version is finely crafted in hammered yellow gold, colour enhanced, while offsetting a stunning intense blue sapphire cabochon, 2.77ct. 18karat gold. SOLD

Seaweed A light green Tourmaline is mounted in a double stepped bezel setting. Finely polished surfaces contrast with the rippled beach surface of the ring shank. 18 karat yellow gold, green Tourmaline SOLD

Blue Forest A vivid blue-green tourmaline of 3.96 carat is the center piece in this Martinus ring. The double stepped bezel setting and the tapered ring shank are made of 18 karat white gold which is partly polished while the setting has been partly brush textured. SOLD

Utopia An extraordinary tourmaline shimmers with perfect deep blues and greens in a setting of white and yellow gold. Softly textured, domed band with two fine diamonds. Indigolith 10.41ct Cab, 2 diamonds F/vs 0.08ct. SOLD

Essence Nature’s essence captured with simplicity, revealed by your movements, showcasing a golden boxwood leaf, timeless each and every day. Palladium silver, tarnish free and 18k yellow gold. SOLD

Blue Tango Superior and distinctive design in 18 karat white gold, with intense colour and lively sparkle. Six Gypsy set diamonds of 0.24 ct. lead up to the crescendo of a large sculptural oval midnight blue 2.9 ct. sapphire cabochon. SOLD

Valencia A glistening citrine with rich, golden orange hues creates a bright, fresh look to a classic composition in 18 karat yellow gold. The fine detail of a white gold bezel creates a stunning harmony of warm tones as one would see in the Spanish city along the Costa Del Azahar. Citrine buff top cut 2.55ct. SOLD

Splash Make a splash with the glistening reflections in this finely faceted tangerine citrine. The elegant, fresh lines in this two point gem setting, along with a spectacular two tone sculpted ring shank in 18 karat yellow and white gold, are sure to create some waves. Citrine 9.85ct. SOLD

Cleopatra Round shapes and curved lines in yellow gold, palladium and white gold combine with an impressive 1.01ct diamond as the centre of focus. Fine wire brushed textures and polished surfaces in 18 karat gold and palladium. SOLD

Cara Mia My darling night blue friend; fall in love with a blue you have never met. The depth of this facetted Sri Lankan Sapphire is adorned in a swooping crater setting, elegantly posing on our Martinus triple ring band. Sapphire, 2.77 ct. 18 karat white gold. SOLD

Primavera The exhilarating essence of Spring is reflected in a lively tourmaline. Contrasting high polished and matte surfaces in white and yellow gold create extraordinary beauty and balance. Tourmaline 2.0ct. 18 karat yellow and white gold. SOLD

Peach Cider Sri Lankan people have an affinity for this sapphire color, referring to it as Padparadja. Concentric stripes of 18 karat rose gold and platinum are skillfully imbedded on an exotic band. Simplicity and true style. Orange Sapphire, 0.80ct. SOLD

Saturna A perfect, green tourmaline captures your desire for simplicity while Martinus’ liberates your passion for fine design. Contrasting high polish and softly brushed 18k yellow gold surfaces. Distinctive with refreshing proportions. 18 karat yellow gold. Tourmaline Cabochon, 1.45ct.SOLD

Kandy Lake The famous lake in Kandy is reflected in this clear, night blue Sri Lanken sapphire. A smooth band rises toward a unique rose gold setting that echoes this pristine gem. Classic elegance masterfully designed in 18 karat white gold. Sri Lanken Sapphire 3.52ct. SOLD

Wave A truly impressive ring inspired by the eternal energy of waves, provides real comfort. Matte and polished gold caresses and follows the shape of the hand. Enchantment in 18 karat yellow gold. SOLD

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