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Unforgettable!  Sold but not forgotten, how can we make your dream come true? Ask internationally awarded Master Goldsmith  Martinus for advice on what looks good on you!

Chineese Silk
Stary night purple
18 karat gold necklace by Martinus
Northern Lights
Irish Spring
French Lilac
Cinnamon Princess

Chinese Silk A silky, pleasing, abundance of shapes defines these baroque pearls. Extraordinary, sizes in silvery hues and a touch of pink make this necklace a statement. Exquisitely finished with a Martinus Double C-Clasp in 18k brushed yellow gold. SOLD

Starry Night Starlit skies of golden hues and cooling sapphire blue, enhanced by diamond glistening stars cast out, a night, refreshing and sparkling like dewdrops on the skin. How beautiful a universe. 18 karat yellow gold. SOLD

Athena Blue A sunny yellow gold pendant is coupled here with a fancy cut triangular sapphire and a replica of a Greek drachma depicting the Owl of Athens and an olive twig. The original was minted in 527-520 BC. - Sapphire cabochon, 18 karat yellow gold. Owl of Athens, Greek Drachma. SOLD

Eternity This fine necklace is made of matte and polished yellow gold displaying a spiral pattern as an ancient symbol of eternity. Finished with Martinus’ patented Pavo-clasp mechanism in 18k gold. SOLD

Northern Lights Connected to a Martinus designed 18 Karat yellow gold chain a Finnish Spectrolith is set in a golden frame, underlined by a row of four fine Ruby Cabochons. SOLD

Marise Rose, peace and lavender hued freshwater pearls are combined in a pleasing rhythm with grey keshi pearls. Completed is this radiating necklace with a classic "S" hook in finely polished 18 karat white gold. SOLD

Celtic Spring Enjoy the liveliness of a spring, green fields and puffy white clouds. This endless strand of light and bright green gems and luscious freshwater pearls will delight the senses. To be worn single double or triple. White Freshwater Pearls, Fluorite SOLD

French Lilac Like a dance of French lilac in the wind. This endless strand of luscious pearl shapes and fluorite will delight the senses. In blue and purple tones with a hint of green, these gems mingle with fascinating pink freshwater pearls. To be worn single double or triple. Pink Freshwater Pearls, Fluorite. SOLD

Cinnamon Princess Light and airy like the fragrance of cinnamon and ginger floating through the air. This necklace is a delicacy of composition; featuring fine pearls, hot fire opals, soft garnets, translucent carnelian, and golden swirls. 18k yellow gold, fire opals, pearls, carnelian. SOLD

Melusine Melusine, queen of the mermaids. Sensual, natural and extraordinary in size, these freshwater pearls shine with femininity. Clear green fluorite adds purity and exotic expression to this stunning necklace. For all occasions, wear it single, double or triple. SOLD

Matrix A mysterious stone with a modern twist! A round cabochon Labradrite is set in yellow gold and framed by a crisply textured, solid silver disk. Classy in its simplicity, and suspended on a stainless wire neckline, adjustable through two gold sliders. Labradrite, silver, gold, stainless steel. Sold

Whisper Delicate as a small whisper, this pendant speaks to simplicity. A softly domed, gradated textured top is contrasted with polished edges. Elegantly worn on an 18" white gold Rollo chain. 18 karat white gold 0.04ct. diamond. Sold

Turtle Femininity in its essence. The perfect balance between elegance and strength. The turtle is a symbol of both and a precious reflection of your own. Truly stunning a necklace in 18 karat gold. Sold

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