Earring studs in 18 karat gold with pink tourmaline and diamonds by Martinus

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The magic comes from your eyes. Earrings need to reflect a purity of colour and elegance of line. These pieces found their match, send us a picture and ask what we can do for you!

Lumina Dance yellow1
Little Sunshine
Fairy Drops Amethyst
Lemon Drop hoops
Earring studs in 18 karat gold with pink tourmaline and diamonds by Martinus
Dulci Hooks
Royal Termaline Earring
Open Window1
Moon Rise1
Love Letters
Golden Spiral
BuenaVista Havana

Solar Flare   
Elegance and simplicity. Perfect yellow South Sea pearls will dance with your movements. Distinctly worn on Martinus’ Infinity Hoops. Yellow 12mm pearls and 18 karat yellow gold. Sold

Little Sunshine Eye catching, these fancy style European Briolette cut Citrines can be worn for every occasion from fun to elegant. In matte18K Yellow Gold. Citrine 6.87 ct. Briolette cut. SOLD

Fairy Drops
Suggesting the freshness of spring, these green amethyst drops will dance with your movements. On Martinus Infinity Hoops in 18 karat white gold. Green Amethyst 11.62ct. Sold

Lemon Drops Eye catching from fun to elegant. These European Briolette cut citrines will shine for every occasion. In matte 18 karat yellow gold. Intense yellow citrine 7.42ct. SOLD

Petal Dance Diamond Studs and Tourmaline Pendants Fine wire spirals are surrounding two diamonds. The matte textured ear studs are shaped into slightly domed discs. Detachable and double stepped settings for these elegant pink tourmaline cabochons are showing a contrast of polished and matte surfaces. SOLD

Dulcie Hooks So sweet, these darling diamonds are like treasured seeds on a fuchsia pod. These charming shapes combine beautifully with elegant curved ear hooks. Diamonds 0.08ct F/vs. 18 karat rose gold. SOLD

Royal Tourmaline Deep green with a hint of blue, these triangle cut tourmalines are highlighted with fine surrounding diamonds. Designed in 18 karat yellow and white gold. Tourmaline 1.16ct, diamonds total weight 0.36ct. F/vs SOLD

Candy Hearts Irresistibly pink! Exquisitely cut sapphire hearts are bezel set in softly brushed platinum. These sweet hearts swing flirtatiously with your movements from Martinus’ click secure Infinity Hoops. Two Pink Sapphires 1.52ct. Platinum. SOLD

Lumina Dance - The highlight of elegance and simplicity. Button pearls of size and perfect luster will dance with your movements. Distinctively worn on Martinus’ Infinity Hoops in 18 karat rose gold. SOLD

Awareness Bright, luminous freshwater pearl drops appear to float beneath softly textured, golden spiral earrings. Choose a confident look or elegant style by wearing the 18k yellow gold studs separately or a stunning combination. SOLD

Open Window Open your window, and let a warm spring breeze take you for a ride. Pristine white shimmering silver and heartwarming gold, refreshed by Spring’s beautiful green. Silver, 18 karat gold, Peridot leaf. SOLD

Dulcie So sweet, these darling Diamonds are like treasured seeds on a Fuchsia pod, beautifully combining with the curves and lines of our Infinity Hoops SOLD

Moon Rise These fine, grey, detachable, Tahitian pearls combine elegantly with the brushed surfaces of our white gold diamond earrings. 18 karat gold, 2 diamonds 0.20ct F/si1, Tahitian pearls. SOLD

Amanda Marvelous, naturally white pearl drops in combination with Martinus’ golden snail beads. Gold: 18k yellow, acid-treated. SOLD

Rose Petal Sunset The feeling of celebration. Natural champagne coloured diamonds are the central focus of these brushed rose gold ear studs. Wear them on their own, or dress them up with the attachable pearl drops. Pearl drops: natural freshwater, white and peach. Diamonds: 0.26ct champagne, Gold: 18k rose and white settings. SOLD

Peppermint Twist Two bright, almost fluorescent, chalcedony drops dangle from a pair of Martinus’ new click-secure ear hooks made from 18 karat rose gold. SOLD

Lemon Drops A truly rare find. These golden South Sea pearls of remarkable size and quality are colour-matched with matte- finished yellow gold and bright yellow sapphires. Gold: 18 karat yellow, Sapphires 0.84ct. SOLD

Ear Studs: Amethyst and Diamond Simplicity at its finest; artfully hand-crafted of 18 karat white gold, these round and square shaped settings revel the richness of purple Amethysts and the excitement of two beautiful Diamonds. SOLD

Rosalie Elegant as a combination and subtly stated. Paired with small white pearls Rosie’s peach pearls dance and dangle with happiness on Martinus’ Infinity Hoops. Rose gold 18 karat. SOLD

Seraphim’s Playmate Transparency and evenness of colour make these chalcedony agates special, like a heavenly tone. Comfortable long ear hooks in 18 karat white gold finish the composition with elegance. SOLD

Perfume Framed in golden windows, this rich composition captures the sweet essence of freshwater pearls. Through body language and movement, the laws of attraction SOLD

Luster Fresh shapes and delicate craftsmanship, are merging in these truly spectacular earrings. Rare, lustrous petal-shaped freshwater pearls combine with click-secure Martinus’ Infinity Hoops in 18k Yellow gold. SOLD

Love Letters Honored for excellence in the “Canadian Buyers Choice Award 2003”, these oval, slightly curved earrings in 18 karat red gold and 950 platinum are overwrought with letter stamp imprints as their ancient secret message. SOLD

Ear Studs Twirl Overwrought with wire brush textures these round shaped earrings in a slightly curved gold wire spirals are handcrafted in 18 karat yellow gold. SOLD

Celebration These snap-in secure earrings are made of 18 karat white gold. Ten diamonds are inlay gypsy set in this sculptural set. SOLD

Buena Vista Havana Colourful like Cuban parties, fun tourmaline hues in green and red dance with your movements.18 karat white gold. SOLD

Waterfall Developed by the Martinus crew, these delightful adornments combine rose gold with natural orange pearls. Featuring fine gold detail and extra-long ear hooks for style and security. Freshwater Pearl Drops, 18 karat Rose Gold. SOLD

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