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Pearl Earrings

Feel natural and beautiful; enjoy wearing your pearls as they show your style with the gentleness of your every movement.

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Vesuvius Sunset
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Cleopatra’s Pearls   $1,450
Sophistication and elegance combine in these stunning earrings. They feature rippled-beach surfaces in 18 karat rose gold combined with coin shaped Chinese freshwater pearls.

Moon Dance   $2,260
A bright moon shining over Polynesian nights, reflecting the sparkles of these fine Tahitian pearls. Here worn elegantly on Martinus’ Infinity Hoops. Black 12 mm Tahitian Pearls and 18 karat white gold.

Solar Flare   $2,460
Elegance and simplicity. Perfect yellow South Sea pearls will dance with your movements. Distinctly worn on Martinus’ Infinity Hoops. Yellow 12mm pearls and 18 karat yellow gold.

Flying Dreams    $1,780
These stunning earrings feature bright blue faceted natural zircons with the exquisite luster of fine gray Tahitian pearls. This eye-catching colour combination is elegantly set in polished 18 karat white gold.

Inca Dynasty    $1730
Take a luscious taste in opulence, like plump fruit nurtured by the sun, these natural freshwater pearls are sure to please the kings. A Dynasty in harmony with pearls elegantly suspended under shimmering golden disks, encircled with a golden vein and crowning diamonds at their center. 18 karat gold, diamonds, 0.05ct F/vs. pearls.

Vesuvius Sunset    $2,060
Lavender pearls in their perfect luster. This pair of stunning ear hooks features bright blue facetted natural zircons with fine round freshwater pearls. A stunning colour combination, elegantly set in polished rose gold. Exquisite freshwater pearls 11.5mm. zircon 2.41ct. 18 karat rose gold.

South Sea Stars   $1,580
Floating on the South Seas, gazing at the stars you might see these earrings. Fine, light green diamonds are gypsy set in gently curved 18 karat yellow gold. Exquisite natural green South Seas Pearls dance with your every movement. Diamonds 0.12ct.

Nautilus Wind    $830
Luminous natural keshi pearls catch the light as sails in the wind. Worn with “Nautilus” golden spirals, they have found their safe havens. 18 karat yellow gold, keshi pearls.

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