Main Collection – Rings


Main Collection – Rings

Try on a new clarity of shape, elegance of line and a clear sense for colour. We have the talent you give it life.

Pacific Wave
Sunset Drive citrine ring in yellow gold and silver by martinusand
amadeus sapphire and diamond ring in 18 karat white gold by martinus
Rasberry Fortune
Blue Tango
Golden Essence
Fine Jewelry - Ring with citrine and 18 karat yellow gold
ouro Preto
Majestic Purple
Golden pine

Adria   $1,660
Glowing in the blues and greens, a solitary tourmaline stands proud in its white gold cradle. Almost fragrant as the pinewoods overlooking the turquoise glistening Adriatic sea. Oval Cabochon Tourmaline 2.81 ct., 18 karat white gold

Amphora   $1,650
Sophisticated! This exquisite design offers truly elegant proportions with its brilliant cut green garnet centerpiece. A ring that echoes the refinement of classic Greek shape and style. Demantoid green Garnet, 0.64ct. 18 karat finely polished white gold.

Pacific Wave   $2,950
A truly impressive ring inspired by the eternal energy of waves. Nine precious, rare blue diamonds with brilliant sparkle seem to dance on this comfort fit band of matte and polished white gold. Diamonds blue/green 0.26 carat. 18 karat white gold.

Sunset Drive   $350
An orange citrine captures golden memories of the day. The round profile silver band finishes the lines with solidity. And - another good day is promised.Cherish a lively Citrine of 0.95ct. It is set off in a rich 22 karat gold setting on a classy band of matted Sterling Silver.

Amadeus   $2,960
Sapphire Cabochon 1.57ct, Diamond 0.09ct F/vs, White Gold 18k
Clarity, balance, and transparency are the hallmarks of Mozart’s work, where true shape defined his genius. Like a note, freely placed, a smooth pear shaped sapphire cabochon and solitary diamond sing their love song.

Lumaru     $2,950
Three in one! Exquisite design, classic technique, comfortable to wear. Martinus gracefully presents an exceptional Burmese ruby in a spacious composition between sixteen fine diamonds in his exclusive butterfly band. Burma Ruby 0.62ct. 16 Diamonds 0.40ct. 18 karat white gold. F/vvs

Valencia   $2,280
Rich, golden and orange hues create a bright, fresh look to a classic composition. The fine detail of its white gold bezel setting sets off the warm tones of hammered yellow gold and the glistening light of a stunning citrine. Citrine 7.8 ct. 18 karat white & yellow gold

Raspberry Fortune   $1,850
Understated yet elegant, a soft mauve coloured tourmaline cabochon is elevated in a textured bezel setting and precisely embedded in a tapered ring shank. 7.8g white gold 18 karat. Pink tourmaline cabochon, 5.65ct.

Blue Tango   $2,760
Martinus’ Blue Tango captures your desire for simplicity while liberating your passion for detail. Superior design and distinctive in 18 karat white gold, with an intensely blue oval Sapphire cabochon in ideal proportions.Thai Sapphire, 2.55ct. 10,6g white gold 18 karat.

Golden Essence     $480
Nature’s essence captured with simplicity and revealed by your movements. This ring showcases a goldenboxwood leaf combined with Palladium Elite Silver. 18 karat yellow gold. 18 karat gold, Elite silver.

Ponte Vecchio     $2,190
Brilliance and comfort! This citrine takes centre stage on your finger. The design speaks of a classic look in its hammer matted and polished surfaces. Arcs and curved lines are reminisced of the golden times of ancient Roman bridges. 18 karat gold, Citrine, 2.45ct.

Loyalty     $1,630
An Imperial Topaz from Brazil is set in a design of hammer-textured golden brilliance. With its polished inner lines on a comforting solid ring band it becomes one of life’s most sought after pleasures. Solidity pays loyalty to simplicity! 18 karat gold topaz 1.36ct.

Little Wisdoms    $590
Tastefully sophisticated! The owl is Athena’s mascot, according to Greek mythology, and at times Athena was said to take the form of an owl. Comfortable, solid craftsmanship in sterling silver and 18 karat yellow gold. The original silver Drachmas were minted in 527-520 BC.

Carnival   $2,150
Samba nights in Rio! White gold, yellow gold and this stunning Brazilian tourmaline with its fancy checkerboard cut make this ring colourful and festive. Brazilian Tourmaline, checkerboard cut. 2.10ct.

Majestic Purple    $2,900
Vivid color, an impressive gem and strong design exude a genuine confidence. A one-of-a-kind sculptural composition in highly polished white gold. Amethyst checkered board cut oval 17.03ct, 18 karat white gold.

Golden Pine     $1,550
The essence of the West Coast rain forest is captured in a remarkable Martinus design. Real natural tree bark is translated into subtle, golden textures. Glistening, polished rims frame this tapered band. Impressive! 18 karat rose gold colour enhanced.

Versailles   $2,360
Cut to royal perfection, a spectacular, legendary green tourmaline evokes the Gardens of Versailles. 18 karat white and yellow gold are combined with a faceted tourmaline 2.40ct.

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