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Blue Moon
Diamond and white gold barnacles cascade pendant by Martinus
Necklace Moonstone and 18 karat yellow gold Lightness of Being by Martinus
Frog&Prince pendant in 18 karat yellow gold with diamonds by Martinus
Tinkerbell necklace prenite, pearls, silver, 18 karat golc by Martinus
Necklace Premite, vasonite, 18 karat gold Tranquility by Martinus
Gold necklace Flight of Fancy by Martinus
Paradise Orchard
Honey and Silk
Fields of Gold
Rasberry Rock1

Papaya   $1,940
Exotic and sweet, buttery smooth to the touch, beautiful against natural skin tones. The fruit to the angels with its pear shaped diamond as a sparkling stem. Chrysoprase, diamond 0.14 ct flawless F colour, 18 karat white gold presented with 20 inch wheat chain.

Limelight   $2,460
Illuminating opulence, to never feel alone again. Sizable beryl crystals from aquamarine to heliodor spill their protective energy. Feel the cool of the gems and the warmth of these oversized natural pearls caressing your skin. Beryll crystals, freshwater pearls, white gold 18 karat of a high polish.

Blue Moon   $880
Mysterious like a big moon hovering off a misty horizon! Ask this necklace for a secret. Where have these pearls lived? Where were those moonstones unearthed? Let the mystery live in your days! Indian gray Moonstone, white and gray Freshwater Pearls. 18 karat polished Martinus white golden tendril clasp.

Barnacle Cascade    $3,640
A cascade of light and a luminous streak of abundance. Shape, size and proportion became the task of this sensuous composition. Like a cascade in an orchestra, this pendant will enliven your world. Gentle rounded surfaces on an easy floating chain make for its joyful feeling on your skin. 18 karat white gold, diamonds 0.60ct.

Lightness of Being    $1,250
It's in the heart where the ruby beams and the moonstone shines!Dearly set in mate yellow gold.Moonstone 68.0 ct and Ruby 0.11ct, 18 karat yellow gold setting, 18 karat yellow gold neck wire $1,140

Atlantis    $2,820
A classic green beryl captures our imagination. Beryl gems were worn by Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Rubens to promote life-force and creativity. A fine blue diamond creates a connecting spot between chain and pendant. 18 karat white gold, beryl 8.25ct, diamond, 0.08ct.

Frog and Prince    $1,360
Water lilies spread across the surface, like jewels of the pond. Golden leaves will float gently with your movements. The diamond blossoms sparkle their magic at the skies. Catch the light. 3 pure Diamonds F-vs 0.06ct Matted leaves in 18 karat yellow gold will follow with body motion.

Tinkerbell    $520
Tinkerbell is fun, and happy thoughts will fly! This fairy tale necklace of candy drop prenite and sugar coloured pearls glows like pixie dust against the sky.Prenite, coin pearls, silver, 18 karat gold.

Tranquility    $990
Classy, simple and joyful! Alternating light green prenite cubes, grass green vasonite, plus facetted gold beads are combined at even distances. Prenite signifies unconditional love, while calming Vasonite sooths stress and tension. Martinus patented Pavo clasp in 18 karat yellow gold finishes and secures this unique design.Prenite cubes, Vasonite cubes, 18 karat gold

Flight of Fancy    $2,680
Fun, elegant, dynamic. This three dimensional necklace of oval and round shaped gold links combines volume and delicacy through its intricate character.

Paradise Orchard
Is it the silver's pristine white light? Could the golden lusciousness be the apple of your eye? Or is the blush of Eden going to steal your heart away! A fresh picked diamond twinkles from the stem. Silver $380;  Yellow gold $1,380;   White gold $1,380;  Rose gold, $1,330

Honey and Silk    $820
Flavoured with sweet drops of honeycomb Citrine, silky freshwater pearls are the peaceful balance of this pampered enjoyment. Citrine Freshwater pearls, 18 karat gold.

Fields of Gold    $2,220
Capture the shimmering waves of a barley field in this hand-crafted chain of rose-gold seeds. Make a promise, have your bond strengthened by the comforting cycle of the seasons. 18 karat rose gold saturated with yellow ancient gilding technique.

Limoncello    $950
A fresh zip of lemony pleasures. Transparent lemon quartz is tied with sweet knots of fire opal and gentle pearls. Draped in understated voluptuousness, slip it on and feel radiant in your day. Lemon quartz, pearls, fire opal.

Nefertiti    $4,980
Nefertiti means "the beautiful one has arrived". Inspired by ancient Egyptian jewellery, a new design has arrived here. Its' silky glow of matted gold and rich natural turquoise is secured for all time by an equally stunning clasp. Wouldn't she approve? 18 karat yellow gold 43g, natural turquoise.

Little Wisdoms    $980
According to Greek mythology, the owl is Athena’s mascot. At times Athena was said to take the form of an owl. This little owl pendant warms the heart and lifts your spirits in 18 karat yellow and white gold. Tastefully sophisticated.

Crete     $1,990
Carefree as a summer’s day and brilliant as ancient Crete under clear Mediterranean skies. The pure blue aquamarine crystals form a row of relating treasures. Perfect for every day, yet elegant for occasions. Worn at ease with our Martinus white gold toggle clasp. Aquatrillion 18 karat white gold.

Rasberry Rock    $1,800
Tourmaline splendor in raspberry and green. This necklace is sweet as candy and finished with our 18 karat rose gold toggle clasp.

Minoan Princess    $2,250
Crystal clear as the blue waters of the Aegean sea; this aquamarine necklace is vibrant. Accented with pink tourmalines and hammered white gold beads, this neclace has been exquisitely finished with our Martinus Oval-clasp. Aquamarine, tourmaline, 18 karat white gold.

Aquatinta    $880
The elegance and contrast of Aquamarine crystal shapes, night black Onyx and silver-gray pearls create sparkle and rhythm. Finished with a Martinus’ Pavo clasp and end fittings in 18 karat white gold.

Smile Pendant     $1,480
A sculpted moonstone face nestles within a golden bezel setting. The textured white gold frame highlights the intricacy of the caving. A white gold wheat pattern chain flows elegantly through an integrated bale. 18 karat White & yellow gold.

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Diamond and white gold barnacles cascade pendant by Martinus thumbnail
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Tinkerbell necklace prenite, pearls, silver, 18 karat golc by Martinus thumbnail
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