Woman's diamond studs in white gold with aquamarine dangles

Main Collection: Earrings

Main Collection – Earrings

From elegant and sophisticated to colourful and fun, don’t go out without your earrings! Let your movements dazzle with luscious pearls or shimmer with gems or precious diamonds!

Ruby's Tale
Evening Primrose
Dolce Vita
Gold Fishes
Lily Lilly
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Silk Trail
Bumble Bee
ipanema tourmaline earrings by martinus
Woman's diamond studs in white gold with aquamarine dangles
South Sea Stars
Blue Sky
Star Catcher
Earrings diamonds and pearls in 18k - Martinus
Open Window2
Mayan Sun
Star and sun dance

Ruby’s Tale  $1,230
Every ruby has a story, so why not make this one yours to tell. Unique rectangular blood red stones in a straight and true setting are held to your ear with pure gold finales. Can you sense the beginning of a beautiful relationship! Rubies opaque, 18 karat gold finales and extra long ear hooks for security.

Evening Primrose   $990
A new sense of colour and sophistication! Rose gold and cognac hues of Australian natural diamonds merge here in an understated elegance. Get your ears on them before others get their eyes on them! Diamonds 0.26ct coloured naturally, 18 karat rose gold.

Dolce Vita   $1,940
Find sweetness in life! Gorgeous like gold itself, these softly textured ear studs can be worn as a glowing statement on their own, or attach their freshwater pearls to face the music and dace! Gold 18k, fine pearls detachable.

Gold Fishes   $1,750
Cast a net of pure gold and catch a wish come true! Striking turquoise captured by Pokka dotted ear studs. Wishes can be fishes! Turquoise in 18 karat yellow gold

Lily Lilly;  $880
Just the right feeling anywhere you go! A surface silky, gentle and golden, these lily pads will float on your ears. With our hand made quality, let’s keep close to nature day to day. Diamonds 0.05ct F-colour /vs-clarity

Nocturno   $330
For serenades in the night or fun in the day -- graceful and expressive pleasures any time! Pear shape pearls & 18 karat yellow gold.

Renaissance   $380
Perfectly proportioned in its composition, creamy white pearls are topped off with a sandwich of white gold disks and tiny pink tourmalines. Extra long white gold ear hooks complete a classic design for security. Fine freshwater pearls & 18 karat white gold

Silk Trail   $460
This silk road is even more beautiful than the original! Luminous pearls are crowned with gold disks and toped with sweet seed pearls leading the trail to your ears. Earthly joy and opulence! Four pearls &18k yellow gold

Rhapsody in Red & White   $2,350
What a perfect composition! Wear Diamonds by day, add fine Garnets to make it your special night out. Diamond studs in polished white gold (0.16ct F-vs2. on their own $1,490) paired with faceted Sri Lankan Garnets ( 3.23ct add $860 ) all in 18 karat white gold.

Sunrise   $1,820
The blush of a rosy morning. Smooth disks of rose gold harmonize with the pink champagne colours of diamonds. Dynamic and fun, on Martinus infinity hoops for comfort and security. 18 karat rose gold, 2 diamonds 0.43ct natural colour.

Bumble Bee   $1,260
Eye catching from fun to elegant. These European Briolette cut citrines will shine for every occasion. In matte 18 karat yellow gold. Intense. Citrine 6.55ct. 18 karat yellow gold.

Ipanema   $4,850
For the beautiful nights out. Where everyone passes by goes "ah"! Wear diamond studs ( 0.62ct G/H Si1 $2,890 ) on their own or paired with Brazilian Tourmaline ( 18.73ct $1,960 ) detachable, all in 18 K white gold.

Poseidon's Tears   $3,870
Poseidon's Tears of Joy: Brilliant, glorious and impressive. Crystallized in aquamarine and diamonds - a treasure for a lifetime. Diamond studs $2,890. Aquamarine drops, $980. Aquamarine 21.66ct. Diamonds 0.62 ct H/si1, 18 karat white gold.

Rain Tree Hoops   $ 590
Nature gives us the golden rain tree with it's endearing seed pods drawing us near. A single diamond shines above it's precious shape to remind us of new life. Martinus' keeps it safe with click-secure Infinity Hoops. 18 karat yellow and white gold, diamonds 0.06ct. F/vs

Rain Drops   $820
Pure gold beads trickle from delicate stems. Precious rain drops glisten as they fall to capture the light of your eyes. Unique ear hooks for your comfort and delight. 2 Diamonds 0.04ct F/vs & 18 karat yellow on white gold stems

Rain Dance   $1,240
Nature gives us the golden rain tree with it's enchanting seed pods on delicate stems. A single diamond shines above it's precious shape to remind us of new life. Elegant curved ear hooks keep them connected to you! 2 Diamonds 0.16ct F/vs & 18 karat yellow and white gold

Mayan Sun Circle   $ 1,420
The sun was central in Mayan belief and mythology. Bright domed golden disks bring the sunshine to your ear. The contrast between gold and the dispersing light of two fine diamonds, that's it. Simple, elegant! Ear Studs with big butterfly backings make for safe and straight fit. Diamonds, G/vs 0.10ct - 18 karat yellow gold

Santa Catalina   $1,850
Wear a holiday feeling, fresh as the blue-green seas off the coast of Panama. Like a fine mist, matted white gold surrounds two sparkling Brazilian Tourmalines. Light green diamonds create the perfect transitions to our ear hoops, click-in secure. Both tourmalines 1.50ct, the diamonds 0.04ct and solid workmanship in 18 karat white gold

South Sea Stars   $1,580
Floating on the South Seas, gazing at the stars you might see these earrings. Fine, light green diamonds are gypsy set in gently curved 18 karat yellow gold. Exquisite natural green South Seas Pearls dance with your every movement. Diamonds 0.12ct.

Blue Sky    $1,280
Brazilian hand cut aquamarine drops are suspended under small twinkling diamonds like the blue sky with an early evening star shining above. Aquamarine 15.34ct.18 karat white gold diamonds 0.10ct.

Star Catcher   $1,490
The stars of our earring collection. Their rounded shape and gentle surface of our hand-crafted 18 karat white gold studs combine with the quality cut of two real night sparklers. Add movement and fun to your life. Two diamonds 0.30ct F-si1

Merlot   $990
Faceted in British Columbia! Sparkling merlot-colored garnets are tastefully bezel set in their delicate frames of 18 karat white gold. Style: sassy; lush; adventurous. Madagascar Garnet 2.35ct.

Inca Dynasty    $1930
Take a luscious taste in opulence, like plump fruit nurtured by the sun, these natural freshwater pearls are sure to please the kings. A Dynasty in harmony with pearls elegantly suspended under shimmering golden disks, encircled with a golden vein and crowning diamonds at their center. 18 karat gold, diamonds, 0.05ct F/vs. pearls.

Moon Dance   $1,880
A bright moon shining over Polynesian nights, reflecting the sparkles of these fine Tahitian pearls. Here worn elegantly on Martinus’ Infinity Hoops. Black 12 mm Tahitian Pearls and 18 karat white gold.

Open Window    $1,100
Open your window, and let a spring breeze take you for a ride. These rich textured surfaces will warm your heart with sunny 18karat gold and the joyful freshness of green tourmaline.

Cirrus Sky    $1,650
Beautiful sky blue hand cut tear drop Brazilian aquamarines dance on white gold Infinity Hoops. A fine choice for dress up or casual days. Aquamarine 28.72ct 18 karat white gold.

Moon Wind    $1,700
Let's add sparkle to your life. Toss your hair back and let it shine with these handcrafted white gold leaves on sculptural hooks, accented by two fine diamond sparklers. 18 karat white gold, diamonds 0.10ct.

Meringue   $950
Treat yourself! The Spanish word for this dance and music means 'the sweet dessert'. Sweet, appealing and fun! Sparkling diamonds highlight white gold settings riding the wave of matted yellow gold. Hand-crafted ear studs, joy and precision in 18k gold. Two perfect diamonds of 0.16 carat in F/vs quality.

Infinity Hoops    $540 per pair
Beautiful on their own and one click to trusted safety. Real comfort, easy to use and versatile with Pearls, Gemstones or fine Diamonds. 18 karat yellow, white or rose gold.

Flying Dreams    $1,780
These stunning earrings feature bright blue faceted natural zircons with the exquisite luster of fine gray Tahitian pearls. This eye-catching colour combination is elegantly set in polished 18 karat white gold.

Mayan Sun    $2,150
The sun was central in Mayan belief and mythology. Here domed disks of matted gold heighten the contrast between the metal and the dispersing light of fine diamonds. The subtle shapes relate beautifully with our Infinity Hoop design. 18 karat matte yellow gold. Diamonds 0.20ct. F/Vs.

Sun Drops   Price from $1,990 to $2,350
Stunning simplicity! These brilliantly cut diamonds sparkle with your every move. Curving shapes and gentle reflections surround these fine diamonds.

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