Spectrolite, star saphire and ruby pendant in18 karat gold by Martinus

Commissions Necklaces

Commissioned Necklaces

They say the best is always saved for last. Already sold, these pieces have no category, but that is why they are so wonderful. Here are the real one-off’s. Take a look and see what’s there to inspire you.

Waterfall Blue
Barnacles Pendant
versailles gardens
Bracelett Golden Star
Family Pendant
Mayan Sun
Reasons of the Heart
Green Heart
Spectrolite, star saphire and ruby pendant in18 karat gold by Martinus
Rose Pendant
Finnish Lights
Jewelry commissions - Martinus' take on lilli blossoms in yellow gold, rubies and diamond

Blue Waterfall Aquamarine and diamond. Six fine gems are combined here in this dynamic pendant composition of 18 karat polished yellow gold, worn on a wheat style chain. SOLD

Barnacles Pendant Inspired by the sea, the sparkling abundance in this exclusive Martinus design offers six exquisite light cognac diamonds in an18 karat rose gold pendant. West coast flair with fine European craftsmanship. Natural light cognac diamonds, 0.83ct. SOLD

Jardin A rainforest green Columbian emerald is complimented by rich textures and concentric lines. Choker and pendant setting in 18 karat yellow gold. SOLD

Golden Star A satisfying statement of simple elegance. This graceful 18 karat gold bracelet is accentuated by diamonds and rubies, bezel set in three evenly spaced sections of this bangle. Diamonds, 0.12ct. rubies 0.33ct. SOLD

Family Pendant Carefully designed symbolic and stylized letters incorporate family details of children's initials. Studded with Aquamarine and blue topaz birthstones.18 karat white gold letters on 18 karat yellow gold pendant on a 18 karat white gold wheat chain. SOLD

Mayan Sun The sun was central in Mayan belief and mythology. Here a domed disk of matted gold heightens the contrast between the metal and the dispersing light of a fine diamond. The subtle shapes relate beautifully with our pendant design which is strung on steel and completed with an elegant gold clasp. Diamond, 0.30ct. 18 karat yellow and white gold. SOLD

Orca A truly stunning Orca symbolizing perfect balance between elegance and true strength. Showcased on an wheat pattern chain, this Martinus designed pendant is hand crafted in eighteen karat polished and oxidized white gold. SOLD

Reasons of the Heart A charm, truly unique, sculptural and smooth in its curves of polished white gold sets off 38 blue brilliant pavee set diamonds. 18 karat white gold. Diamonds, 0.57ct. SOLD

Forever Green A bright green emerald heat is set in a polished gold bezel on a backdrop of textured surfaces and elegently worn on a box chain. 18 karat gold. SOLD

Wolf Moon A hand sculpted golden wolf shines his knowing black diamond eye at the silver moon on this night and forever. Distinctively a male statement on its sturdy chain in eighteen karat gold. SOLD

Midnight Oasis Spectacular in its iridescent splendor, a square Spectrolite is set within a matte gold and polished white gold setting, and is crowned by three fine rubies. A stunning natural gray Star Sapphire is set in an 18 karat white gold bezel below. This unique colour combination allows versatility and attractive flair for all occasions. SOLD

Rose Pendant This hand fabricated Sterling silver pendant in an open book design is 'saw-pierced' with a quote. It is framed by a triad of sparkling garnets, balancing a single Rose in its center. SOLD

Waterfall Splendid like the bright warm days of spring. This gentle colour combination of citrine, peridot and aquamarine seem to swirl around each other. SOLD

Wave Pendant Inspired by the eternal energy of waves, this unique pendant sparkles like the sea. Gentle contours of warm matte and polished gold merge here in delightful elegance. Eighteen karat yellow gold. Diamonds, 0.39ct. SOLD

Northern Lights A Finnish spectrolite and ruby cabochons are framed in yellow gold. The pendant's textures and posished surfaces are complemented by a hand-made, segmented chain. SOLD

Lily Pad Waterfall Unique In combination with pearls or on a gold chain, cascading Lily pads fall in a natural layered rhythm of textured yellow gold. Diamonds and rubies twinkle and sparkle amongst the leaves creating an elegant yet vibrant display. SOLD

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